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RGF Executive Search is is the global brand of Japan’s largest recruiting and information service company, Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd.

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Job Description


§  Address: District 1, HCMC

§  Business Type: 100% investment from Japan

§  Industry: Tires Manufacturing

§  Product Range: Consumer Tires, Commercial Tires, Industrial and Agricultural Tires



§  Job Code: JO-161226-117970 

§  Headcount(s): 1

§  Level: Staff 

§  Contract Term: Permanent

§  Expected Joining Date:02/2017

§  Work Location: District 1, HCMC

§  Work Time:

-  Monday - Friday (8:00~17:00)

§  Salary Range: Gross 750 USD per month

§  Allowance(s): Mobile phone (from VND 550,000) / Taxi card

§  Bonus and Incentives:
Annual fixed bonus 1.5 months / Annual performance bonus up to 4 months

§  Benefit(s):

  • Annual leave 12 days 
  • Sick leave 
  • AON Insurance 
  • Life Insurance 
  • Medical checkup 
  • Company trip 2 times per year 
  • Monthly award 
  • Yearly award (VND 8,000,000) 
  • Soft skill, internal and oversea trainings
  • Legal marriage (VND 3,000,000)
  • New born baby (VND 3,000,000)
  • 1st June Children holiday (VND 1,000,000) 
  • Birthday (VND 500,000) 
  • 5-year contribution (VND 20,000,000)

§  Selection Process:
Three or four rounds (HR, Head of Dept., GM and GD)


§  Report to Vietnamese Department Manager
§  Assigned to Admin & Accounting Department, Accounting Team

§  Main Tasks:

1)  Check proposal for using advertising & promotion expenses, operating expense, travel and plant.

2)  Check expense report and payment request of advertising & promotion, operating expenses, plant, and other professional expenses.

3)  Review and correct tax reports before submitting

- Check VAT report

- Check invoice using status

- Make WHT for overseas payment

- Make CIT quarterly

4)  Advise and correct accounting procedure to another department

- Supporting documents

- Register to DOiT or not

- Legal expenses or non-deductible

5)  B/S report in details

- After closing month end: export data from SAP to make detailed ending balance

- Make P&L with VAS format

6)  Review AR-AP aging to prepare cash flow

- Make detailed AP & AR

- Forecast cash flow

- Update AR insurance

7)  Monthly report of accounting team

- Consolidation accounting report

- Correct & fix accounting report

8)  Costing process – factory

- Work with PIC in factory to check material using in month

- Calculate cost of goods in month at factory

- Park revenue & COGS on SAP system

- Check GL materials, tools with Excel file

9)  Reconcile revenue & COGS before closing month end

10) Park AP from purchasing on system

- Check supporting documents from purchasing team

- Park AP on Epicor system

11) Prepare CIT quarterly

- Calculate CIT quarterly & process CIT payment on time

- Calculate WHT & process WHT payment on time

12) Manage and control for using POP

-  Check POP using status (legal or illegal)

-  Register to DOiT or not

-  Collect information dealers and end-users
to issue invoice

13) Issue POP invoice

14) Others

-  Follow up payment status

-  Follow up Debit note/ Credit note status of BS Group

-  Send tax certificate to BS Group after finishing WHT payment

- Adjust GL account to correction on SAP systems

Job RequirementS


-  Gender: Male

-  Age: Any

-  Qualification(s): Bachelor’s degree in Accounting or related fields

-  Language(s): English business level

-  At least 2 years of experience in general accountant level (prefer strong AP experience)

-  Good knowledge about Vietnam taxation

-  System knowledge: be able to use SAP/ERP

-  Excellent computer skills (especially Excel)

-  Soft skills: teamwork, problem solving, quickly adapt to multicultural environment

-  Strong communication, interpersonal and intercultural skills

-  Independent, proactive and self-motivated

-  Able to prioritize and multitask

-  Able to succeed in a high-pressure and fast-paced environment

Additional Information

2016-12-27 USD


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