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Dai-ichi Life Việt Nam

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Dai-ichi Life Vietnam was established in January of 2007 as the first foreign market of Dai-ichi Life Group, and now becomes one of market lead of Life Insurance industry in Vietnam.

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Dai-ichi Life Việt Nam

Agency Training Manager - Ha Noi (131)


Job Description


  • To help Agency Training Delivery Nationwide (ATDN)  in training & developing manpower for qualified courses in the Territory.
  • To support Business Development Territory Director (BDTD) in planning, organizing, and implementing various sales training courses and sales activities in the Territory for agency force.


  • To Assist BDTD and co-ordinate with BDRDs & ATDN in planning, organizing, developing and implementing various training courses/Projects/Sales activities for agency force to achieve the Key Performance Indicators KPIs, especially Rookie active ratio in recruitment month in the Territory;
  • To support ATDN to further develop all centralised training programes by providing the idea, action plan, and data analysis which are based on the your own experiences at the training in the Territory and competitors' practice;
  • To take a leadership & coaching role in developing a professional and skillful training team (AT/BD/Co-Trainer, Arrange & assign training conductors for effectively  manpower using & sales support in the Territory  and supervising the quality of training in accordance with company standards & MoF regulations;
  • To cooperate with the Training Center in organizing training courses/workshop to provide much more knowledge, skills for professional agency force;
  • To implement other tasks delegated by ATDN & BDTH.

Job Requirements

1/ Qualification:

  • University degree or above.
  • Relevant tertiary qualification and above such as Teaching/Insurance/Finance or managerial study.
  • Relevant life insurance diploma/certificate is preferred such as LOMA, LIMRA.

2/ Experience:

  • Practical experience as a sales trainer in the financial service industry is essential.
  • Three years working experience as a team supervisor or relevant position is preferred.
  • At least 5 year working experience in foreign or joint-venture companies.

3/ Skill:

  • Excellent training & presentation skill.
  • Excellent communication skill. 
  • Ability to translate both written and verbal English is essential.
  • Organizing/Planning/Supervising/Motivating/Leadership & Problem solving skills.

4/ Characteristic:

  • Being a strong interpersonal and good team builder.

Additional Information

2018-01-22 USD

About Dai-ichi Life Việt Nam

As a subsidiary of Dai-ichi Life Holdings Inc. and a member of Dai-ichi Life Group, Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company of Vietnam, Ltd. (“Dai-ichi Life Vietnam”) was established in January of 2007. This is the first foreign market that Dai-ichi Life Group expands its business through a 100%-owned subsidiary.

After 11 years of operations, Dai-ichi Life Vietnam has grown up more than ten times in terms of total premiums, affirming its position among the leading life insurance companies in Vietnam with solid and sustainable development. Especially in 2017, Dai-ichi Life Vietnam has risen to the top three in the market in terms of new premium revenue worth more than 3,600 billion dong, while earning total premium revenue of over 8,000 billion dong and reaching 12% market share. The company is serving 2 million Vietnamese customers through more than 1,200 staff, 70,500 financial consultants. Dai-ichi Life Vietnam is proud to hold the 3rd position in terms of customer service network with more than 260 offices and general agencies covering 63 cities and provinces nationwide.

Agency Training Manager - Ha Noi (131)

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