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Wall Street English

Wall Street English is an English Language School business with strong growth targets for new centres in existing territories, acquiring master franchises and in starting up in new countries. 

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Wall Street English

Deputy Sales Director (Deputy Center Director)


Job Description

1/ Job Description
The ultimate responsibility of the Junior Center Director (CD) is to assist the CD in implementing the training and coaching programs of the Educational Consultant (ECs). This position also requires the abilities to anchampion for Client Fidelity Plan (CFP) projects alyze and understand the internal and external sales revenues and able to act as the in order to manage and lead the EC team to consistently reach the internal revenue target. This position is the final step to becoming a Center Director.

2/ Job Responsibilities

 • Understand and support the CD for Center’s KPIs objectives, strategy and guidelines as they apply specifically to the center’s operations in a legal and ethical manner 
 • Lead CFP implementation and follow up on, support and train ECs who fall behind on their CFP follow up. Ensure the CFP strategy achieves internal revenue targets with proper follow up on the action plans of individual EC groups and their KPI targets
 • Lead by example in all manners but specifically by achieving personal sales performance at a minimum of 8 contracts per month and executing excellent CFP follow up to reach personal internal revenue targets and have an exemplary conversion ratio
 • Assist the CD to train and coach ECs with a focus on ECs who are behind on their target
 • Observe and review each Senior EC’s group performance to ensure effective execution of monthly promotions, sales rules and regulations and, in a timely fashion, adopt their own solutions to challenges
 • Assist the CD to anticipate and identify problems and opportunities as early as possible and manage performance priorities for EC groups or individual ECs who are behind target. Help these ECs with sales plan to get them back on track
 • Facilitate the flow and content of sales meetings in the absence of CD. Communicate effectively in front of a medium/ large group 
 • Conduct center events like seminars/ workshops/ or other similar activities to attract suitable prospects. Able to act as the spokesman in workshop/ seminar or in front of the big group
 • Help CD to ensure that Service KPIs are consistently met by following up with individual ECs to ensure they are following up with their students in consistent and professional manner
 • Help CD to grow and develop junior and senior ECs

Job Requirements

  • B.A. degree in any field
  • Excellent in English speaking, writing
  • Consistent and reliable sales with more hills than valleys
  • Consistent internal revenue sales
  • Consistently adhering to CFP processes
  • Following the 7 daily habits of a successful EC
  • Dressing and acting in a professional manner
  • Being punctual for work/meetings/trainings
  • Delivering high quality sales presentations which do not overpromise or misrepresent Wall Street English (WSE) and student follow up with consistent record-keeping in System
  • Being well-respected by all WSE staff
  • Being reliable, even-tempered and calm
  • Being motivational, positive, encouraging and inspiring
  • Having a passion for both sales and education and a thorough understanding of SSDS, sales policies and procedures
  • Working hard, being flexible, going up and beyond the call of duty
  • Leading teams, boosting morale, creating teamwork, coaching all other ECs
  • Showing a strong desire to grow, improve, learn
  • Being open to and consistently asks for feedback and quickly implements feedback
  • Understanding WSE method very well and is a language expert
  • Excellent phone skills for sales and student follow up
  • Working independently with minimal supervision needed
  • Being compliant with all rules and regulations and not bending these
  • Completing 3 levels of English at WSE
  • Planning and executing on small events/meetings/trainings
  • Loves personally selling and shows a strong record of personally selling
  • Loves training and coaching on sales for your team 
  • Strongly orientation and long-term commitment back ground
  • Hungry to grow, learn and develop. Not comfortable with a house and car and expects a big salary and big bonus
  • Is EXCITED to work at WSE because they really want to be part of a growing and expanding retail business where they will have to work really hard but will enjoy the great results.

Additional Information

2017-07-05 USD

About Wall Street English

Wall Street English

21 Le Quy Don St., Dist. 3, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Contact person: HR Dept
Company size: 1,000-4,999

* Company Introduction:
  - First established in Italy in 1972 under the name of Wall Street Institute, we have been rebranded into Wall Street English in 2013 as we know nowadays. What started from an idea of developing a new way to teach people English has grown into a place with over 400 learning centers in 27 countries with an enrollment of 3,000,000 students. Wall Street English is part of Pearson, an education company. 

  - Currently we have 06 centers in Ho Chi Minh City and will continue to expand to end of year. Our centers are designed, built and equipped to the premium standards, thus providing teachers, employees and students with an excellent study and work environment. We place a strong emphasis on academic quality and this is reflected in our approach to teacher recruitment, development, support and management

* Why work with us? 
  - We offer a unique learning method that helps people succeed in learning the English language, which opens a whole world of both personal and professional opportunities.

  - Wall Street English is a fun, dynamic, experienced, hard-working and friendly working environment that exceed Client expectations every day. Our commitment to quality services and support continues to propel our growth and success. 

  - We are a premier provider of motivated and highly trained consultants and professional personnel who have the unique skills and expertise necessary to help our Clients meet their individual and business goals in a cost effective manner. 

  - As a company, we’ve developed and enforce a Code of Ethics. This code is designed to clarify and solidify the expectations and standards the company sets for its employees. It is our goal to hire only the best qualified people for employment opportunities available whether locally, nationally or globally.

* We provide:
 • Paid professional training and development
 • Opportunities for promotion and career development
 • A professional international working environment
 • Committed colleagues.

* Benefit:
 • Competitive salary 
 • Medical insurance
 • Generous bonus scheme
 • Paid annual leave
 • Paid training
 • Opportunities for advancement
 • Free unlimited access to the Wall Street English Courses 
 • Professional, fun and exciting work environment
 • Ample opportunities to speak and practice English

We are always looking for talented people who have passions for helping people through English education

Get salary up to $60,000/year

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