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Highlands Coffee

"Đích đến nghề nghiệp ý nghĩa"

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Highlands Coffee

District Manager For Pho24


Job Description

1/ Sales & Profit:

  • Is accountable for sales growth within the district, assisting/guidance the Store Managers in reaching their sales target.
  • To implement operations plan/strategy to SM/ASM and control store operations in order to gain TC, AC and revenue daily, weekly, monthly as target.
  • Coordinate with Marketing dep. for LSM or activities to increase TC, AC.
  • Control and optimize labor cost, COG’s and other costs for all stores in area’s in charge.

2/ Operations/Customer Service:

  • Ensure FSC to be maintained and cosistent in store assigned.
  • Ensures all outlets assigned adhere to standard operating procedures.
  • Ensure and maintain a strong customer service focus that will “go beyond” expectations.
  • Monitors customer feedback and provide suggestions to improve customer service and quality of products.
  • Direct continuous improvement activities for stores performance.
  • Acting as the main contact between OM and the Store Managers.
  • Utilizes action plans when needed Creates, improves, or upgrades systems to better and more efficiently achieve goals and objectives.
  • Responsible for store management supervision including but not limited to directing of management team, corrective counseling, and issuing management evaluations.

3/ People Management/Leadership:

  • Accountable for interview, hiring an efficient operations team.
  • Training and development of your team, and development of your personnel and stores assigned.
  • Manages the development and performance of Store Managers.
  • Lead by example with a hands on approach to management.

Job Requirements

ExperienceAbove 2 years of in similar position working in F&B Industry.


  1. Conscientious.
  2. Can-do attitude.
  3. Energetic.
  4. Result-oriented.
  5. Intergrity.

Technical/Chuyên Môn:

  1. Can speak English.
  2. Analysis data and planning.
  3. Good communication and presentation skills.
  4. Effective Execution.
  5. Perceptive.
  6. Strong Problem solving.
  7. Conflict resolution.
  8. Leadership/ Team work.
  9. Strong leadership & Management skill.

Good training & Coaching

Working hours: 8hrs/day, 06 days/week. Prior to work responsibility.

Other special requirements (if any):

  • Gender: Male, Female
  • Age:  25 – 35
  • Height: from 1m55 (Female); 1m60 (Male)
  • Accent: trừ miền Trung (từ Nghệ An đến Huế)
  • Look: good looking
  • Health situation

Additional Information

2018-01-10 USD

About Highlands Coffee

Sự kết hợp hoàn hảo giữa hạt cà phê Robusta & Arabica thượng hạng được trồng trên những vùng cao nguyên Việt Nam màu mỡ, qua những bí quyết rang xay độc đáo, Phin sữa đáPhin Đen Đá Highlands Coffee tự hào là biểu tượng của hương vị đậm đà, tinh tế, được pha chế bằng phin theo cách truyền thống của người Việt Nam

Nếu bạn muốn thưởng thức cảm giác là một người pha chế chuyên nghiệp tại nhà, hãy chọn cà phê rang xay loại “Truyền Thống” của chúng tôi, hiện đã có mặt tại tất cả các quán Highlands Coffee trên toàn quốc. Hãy chinh phục chính mình bằng dòng cà phê “Truyền thống” từ Highlands Coffee, chúng tôi gửi trọn đam mê vào tay bạn. Trải nghiệm của bạn là động lực trên hành trình phát triển của chúng tôi.

District Manager For Pho24

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