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REERACOEN is the global brand of Neo Career Group, Japan’s recruitment services company. 

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Electrical Senior Engineer. (12427GH)


Job Description

- Take responsible for optimizing the machines and assets as well as the long-term orientation to new technologies in a view of maintenance.
- Support troubleshooting complicated on machines.
- Responsible for optimizing the operation of machinery and equipment.
- Responsible for technology support/ capacity calculation, investment preparation
- Responsible for improvement work to enhance productivity and product quality.(project related maintenance).
- Responsible for machine transfers and commissioning.
- Responsible for Weak point analysis, make plan to improve and QCD evaluation
- Training for Maintenance employees with new systems or deviations from planned values (order cost, value to meet deadlines).
- Responsible for setting standard spare parts & Care external service
- Technical mentoring and support of supplier of machine or Technology department as well as Maintenance.


- Transportation allowance : 300,000 VND/Month.
- Perfect attendance : 200,000 VND / Month.
- Allowance for a children : 250,000 VND / Child (unlimited).
- Monthly target bonus : (+-) 1,000,000 VND (depend on monthly performance).
- 13 months Bonus
- KPI Bonus (pay on March) : 1,5 - 2 monthly salary (depend on KPI performance)
- PVI health insurance for employees and 01 relative of that employee (maximum limited 43,000,000 VND/Year/person).
- 14 leaves/year (added 01 more day after every 03 years
- Company trip.
- Training in Korea about 2-3 months, allowance 100% of the cost.
- Probational salary is 100%.

***Pick up location: Thảo Cầm Viên, Dist.1 => Saigon Pearl => QL1A, XLHN => Đồng Nai

Job Requirements

- Education: Background in Mechanics / Automation Engineering.
- Experience:
        * Minimum 5 years experience in Maintenance.
        * Experience in PLC, CNC, Fanuc, Sinumerik programing.
- Language:
        * Strong communication skills including English language (can present ideas with foreign manager).
        * Can speak Korean is a big plus (Not must)
- Knowledge:
        * Good knowledge at maintenance of mechanical manufacturing.
        * Good understanding about hydraulic and pneumatic system.
        * Knowledge at facility system (air compressor, coolant system…)
- Skill:
        * Equipment troubleshooting skills.
        * A firm understanding of software development and computer programming.
        * Using measuring device
        * Can read & understand technical document and communication with expert to transfer knowledge by English.

After 2 months of probation, candidates will be trained at the branch of the corporation in Korea in 2-3 months. All costs of training, travel, accommodation will be fully funded.

Additional Information

2018-01-26 USD


REERACOEN VIETNAM is a subsidiary of Neo Career which is the leader of recruitment consultant agencies located in Japan managed by professional team for HR consulting. We aim to think about the suitable candidate and the fast - service which is the most important for job searching.

Ho Chi Minh City Branch of Reeracoen Vietnam - Neo Career Group
7th Floor, Room 704, 54-56 Nguyen Trai, Ben Thanh Ward, Dist.1

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