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FrieslandCampina Vietnam

Engineering Technician (Automation)


Job Description

1/ Main Responsibilities

  • In order to control and improve the Industrial Automation System, an engineering technician will perform following task below, but not limited to:

2/ General

  • Assist Engineering Manager in controlling Industrial Automation System for whole plant.
  • Contact person with third parties for modification/ improvement.
  • Develop training documents/guides based on modification/improvement.
  • Conduct 1on1 and group training workshops.

3/ Corporate Internal Audit

  • Conduct the Internal Audit/Scan for Industrial Automation System.
  • Make the master plan to identify / follow up all areas to be improved.

4/ Implement Industrial Automation System program and reporting

  • Make the risk assessment for all Automation System and define critical application.
  • Make the IT landscape for all Automation System.
  • Review and revise all procedure – Authorization procedure, Change management procedure, Monitoring process procedure,…
  • Review and revise all application continuity plan for whole factory.
  • Make the plan to implement the application continuity on suitable time.
  • Restore/back-up plan for Industrial Automation System for whole factory.
  • Work with engineering team & project team to implement Automation program.
  • Report the Automation System situation base on the SLA - Service Level Agreement with third parties.
  • Contact person with third parties for issues and report with the preventive actions requirement.

Job Requirements

  • Graduated from Technology / Technology and Education University – major in Automation.
  • Minimum 05 experience years in Industrial Automation System.
  • Having strong quantitative and programmed experience with Allen Bradley/ Siemens PLC-Programmable Logic Controller.
  • Automation Audit experience.
  • Familiar with international & local standard in food & beverage/dairy/FMCG industries.
  • English fluently in speaking and listening

Additional Information

2017-08-09 USD

About FrieslandCampina Vietnam

FrieslandCampina is the leading dairy company in the market with more than 130 year experience in dairy technology. The company is very successful in Vietnam during the last 15 years with its famous brands such as: DUTCH LADY, FRISO, YOMOST, FRISTI, COMPLETA…

As FrieslandCampina we reach millions of people in more than one hundred countries around the world, with our milk products, cheese, butter and ingredients. We are fascinated by the power and potential of milk. We aim to help people to move forward in life by getting more out of milk.

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Engineering Technician (Automation)

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