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RGF Executive Search is the global brand of Japan’s largest recruiting and information service company, Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd. 

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RGF Executive Search

Health and Safety Lead


Job Description

  • To assist with the coordination of the Health and Safety Compliance within the school setting. This role does not cover areas such as data protection or child protections
  • To oversee general health and safety compliance (as detailed in the School Health and Safety Folder Management System (Contractor; Asbestos; Fire; Health and Safety).  Ensuring all actions are carried out, and maintain liaison with all those with specific tasks allocated.  To oversee the implementation and operation of the company’s Health and Safety Policy to ensure that key risks are identified and that appropriate control measures are implemented and that that all key risks and action points identified are followed up appropriately.

Job Requirements

  • To promote a positive health and safety culture within the School
  • To ensure a clear, written health and safety policy has been developed, implemented, communicated and is updated regularly in accordance with legal obligations (alongside other appropriate guidance from the Region).
  • To maintain liaison with other specialist health, safety and fire roles appointed within the School, to co-ordinate compliance actions and provide a central point of contact.
  • To disseminate information relevant to health and safety compliance, to key parties within the School and Region.
  • To co-ordinate the School’s Health and Safety Compliance Meetings, ensuring these are conducted in accordance with the
  •  Region Terms of Reference and KPI’s
  • To ensure meetings are minuted and information shared with the Regional Health and Safety manager
  • Ensure quarterly KPI’s are completed in a timely manner and forwarded to the Regional Health and Safety Manager.
  • To remain the central co-ordinator and key point of contact for any accident, incident or near miss occurrence.  Ensuring thorough investigation, review, recording of information and escalation has been conducted.
  • Ensure all accidents incidents, near misses and serious incidents are reported in a timely manner to appropriate persons including the Regional Health and Safety manager.
  • To liaise with all School Departments to ensure risk assessments are produced for tasks/activities within such areas, with information provided to relevant parties and regular review undertaken.
  • Acting as a key contact and to co-operate with any enforcement agency such as local authority and fire authority, if required.
  • To ensure that systems are established to allow staff (both teaching and non-teaching) to receive adequate information, supervision and training (both induction training and on-going training) in health and safety matters relevant to their specialist area utilising the Tool kit training and to include First aid and CPR
  • To evaluate promptly and, where appropriate, take action on health, safety and welfare concerns and issues which are reported to them, or refer them to the HOS/ Regional Health and Safety Manager.
  • To ensure routine internal monitoring is established at the School and that items are closed out in a timely manner
  • Liaise closely with the Regional Health and Safety Manager in relation to the external audit
  • To ensure the regular update and close out of items from the Health and Safety audit and regular inspections

Additional Information

2018-02-05 USD

About RGF Executive Search

RGF Executive Search ( is the executive search arm of Recruit Co., Ltd, Japan's largest recruiting company and 4th largest worldwide with more than USD14.13 billion in net sales. The values of RGF remain the foundation of the way we work today: Integrity, Respect, Teamwork, Kaizen, Accountability, Boldness and Fun. We are Asia's #1 Network with 46 offices in 26 cities across 11 countries.

Established in 2012, RGF Vietnam offers tailored executive search and recruitment solutions to clients across all industries. We believe talent acquisition is a vital part of the development of an organization. We work as a strategic partner to help our clients recruit and retain the best talents in the market. Our consultants specialize in specific practice areas and industries, have deep networks and are proven in their respective market. Coupled with a large regional footprint, we ensure to provide a quality, speedy, and productive executive search service to clients across the region.

Our specializations include: 
• Finance & Accounting
• Banking & Financial Services
• Healthcare & Life Sciences
• Human Resources
• Information Technology
• Logistics & Supply Chain 
• Manufacturing & Engineering
• Education & Training
• Hospitality
• Legal
• Sales & Marketing

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Health and Safety Lead

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