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Wipro Unza Vietnam

WIPRO UNZA has built a porfolio of 48 brands supporting over 275 products in 1,500 packaging formats that are sold in over 36 countries such as ENCHANTEUR, ROMANO, IZZI...

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Wipro Unza Vietnam

Maintenance Executive


Job Description

  • Be responsible for the technical management, supervision and control of industrial maintenance processes of the WUVL factory
  • Identify and resolve technical process problems related to materials, tooling and equipment capabilities
  • Monitor, supervise, and maintain utility system, office, building...
  • Ensure a safe working area for Maintenance personnel and that safety standards are met in accordance with company policy, Vietnamese regulations.
  • Coordinate the daily and weekly operation of the Maintenance Department
  • Work closely with the Maintenance Supervisors to ensure daily and weekly tasks are completed in a safe and efficient manner
  • Works closely with other department (Production, QC, HR & Admin) in order to ensure that tasks are completed
  • Understand maintenance cost and promote cost effective solutions
  • Assist Production Manager in developing short to mid-term maintenance plans, ensures the highest planned work compliance
  • Understand the knowledge, skills, and abilities of each maintenance employee in order to select, train, and provide guidance and inspiration through leadership and teamwork to ensure empowered work teams
  • Review deficiencies noted during corrective maintenance, properly channel these issues toward execution
  • Consult with Maintenance Supervisors and Operator on technical problems
  • Ensure proper tool availability in order to improve the maintenance efficiency
  • Other tasks will be assigned by Manager

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor degree or above in Mechanical/ Electrical Engineering
  • At least 03 years of experience in similar position as Assistant Manager or superior
  • Having worked in manufacturing factories is an advantage
  • Computer literacy and knowledge of Maintenance systems
  • Able to communicate in English
  • Good leadership and problem solving skills
  • Proactive can-do attitude and willingness towards extra-hour work and callouts
  • Demonstrate strong work ethics with high integrity and honesty

Additional Information

2017-12-25 USD

About Wipro Unza Vietnam

Wipro Unza is a subsidiary of Wipro Consumer Care & Lighting of Wipro Enterprise.

Wipro Enterprises Limited is headquartered in Bangalore, India, comprising of two main businesses namely Wipro Consumer Care and Wipro Infrastructure Engineering.

Wipro Consumer Care Founded in 1945 as a Vegetable Oil Company, Wipro Consumer Care is one of the fastest growing FMCG companies in India.

It grew from Rs. 304 Cr to 5000 Cr in 2013-14 growing 16 times in last 13 years. Sales Revenue for FY 13-14 stood at US $ 837 Million.

Wipro Consumer Care has presence in 18 countries predominantly in SAARC, ASEAN, MENA regions and in the U K. It has 15 manufacturing units in China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam and has a state of art R&D facilities in India and Malaysia. The company employees over 8500 people from 15 nationalities with women constituting 54% of the total work force.

Wipro Unza has operated in Vietnam since 1996 and is the third largest non-paper personal care businesses in the market with annual double-digit growth and highly-appreciated brands such as Enchanteur, Romano and Izzi. Our vision is to become a leading international FMCG Company where people can develop and realize their potential while creating brands and products that inspires Vietnamese live.

Maintenance Executive

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