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Maintenance Technique Specialist (Dental Devices)


Job Description


The Maintenance Technique Specialist is responsible for implementing the technical support function to assist dentists and lab technicians on the proper use of small dental equipment in dental clinics and dental lab equipment in dental labs. This position is expected to perform after-sales service such as maintenance, fix-up of small equipment and equipment to ensure that customers’ technical requirements in terms of equipment performance are met.


Clinical Education

  • Manage and deliver the equipment maintenence technique programs and events to support the sales and marketing goalsin clinical products and lab products, ensuring alignment with country sales plans and goals.
  • Ensure small equipment and lab equipment are availble function to do hands-on workshop programs those conducted by KOL’s in clinical products and lab products to support sales and marketing goals.

Clinical Specialist

  • Handle technical enquiries and provide maintenance and fix up for all small clinical equipment & lab equipment
  • Deliver on-site trouble shooting and equipment demonstration to customers to support sales.
  • Validate customer complaints by testing the equipment with suspected problems.
  • Develop exhibits in support of trade shows and provide on-site how to use equipment correctly.
  • Stay informed of current developments in the technical dental communities and share with marketing team.
  • Actively interact with dental technicians in the market, to ensure current and deep technical and market knowledge. 
  • Provide technical advice, review clinical aspects of proposals, and input on new equipment evaluations.
  • Advise on optimum positioning of dental equipment in the local dental market.
  • Monitor dental equipment performance in the field from technical and quality perspective and assist with the management of local studies, trials, etc.
  • Undertake maintenance and fix up equipment of training center to be ready for training and workshop.

Key Opinion Leaders

  • Deliver equipment maintenance program for KOLs to ensure they have a long term relationship with company and its equipment as well as sales budget attainment.
  • Ensure KOLs are satisfying with the features and benefits when they are using equipment.

Job Requirements


  • Typically requires Bachelors degree or an equivalent combination of dental equipment maintenance and fix up experience.

Years and Type of Experience:

  • 4+  years  technical experience preferably in dental environment.
  • Experience in MNC environment an advantage
  • Field sales experience an advantage

Key Required Skills, Knowledge and Capabilities:

  • English Proficiency
  • Knowledge of dental small equipment or medical devices
  • Expertise in maintenance or repairing small electric devices
  • Good communication and hard-working & responsible person 

Additional Information

2017-10-30 USD

About Faro Recruitment Vietnam

Faro's client is the world’s largest manufacturer of professional dental products and technologies, empowering dental professionals to provide better, safer and faster dental care. Our products and solutions include leading positions and platforms across consumables, equipment, technology, and specialty products.

Maintenance Technique Specialist (Dental Devices)

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