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FWD Vietnam

Manager, Finance

  • FWD Vietnam , Ho Chi Minh - Vietnam
  • 2000 Competitive
  • Posted: 12 Feb 2018

Job Description

At FWD, we are Everyday Trailblazer!

  • [Challenger] – We throw out the rule book and use your vision, passion and ideas.

  • [Collaborator] – We propose for different perspectives and collaborate to make things happen.

  • [Champion] - We are proud in treating each other with fairness & respect, and add values to the lives of other people.

  • [Performer] – We have passion for thinking ahead and proactively put ideas into action.

Business context you’ll be in

The Manager, Finance will be:

  • Responsible for supervising General accountant & Investment accountant; for all tax & Group reporting; and lead IFRS 17 project.
What you’ll be doing

1. Supervise General account & investment account:

  • Review and post all transactions related to vendor & staff.
  • Maintain the COA and control document filling.
  • Review the checking of distribution compensation.
  • Monitor the cash flow and investment transactions.
  • Enhance the effective and efficiency of the team.

2. Responsible for all tax & group reporting

  • Prepare the Tax report and Finalization.
  • Deal with Tax authorizers for any issue related to Tax.Prepare and answer the questions relate to Group reports.

3. Lead the IFRS 17 project

  • Understand and guide staff to apply the new standard to operation.
  • Work with Group Finance to set up the new COA and accounting transactions to comply with new standard.

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor degree, preferred in Finance…
  • ACCA is a plus.
  • Management skill.
  • Careful, detail oriented.
  • Experience to deal with Tax is a plus.
  • Good communication in English, can work with Group office.
  • Project management skill.
  • Understand IFRS standard and know how to apply.
  • Can manage a team.
  • Understand VAS and tax rules.

Additional Information

2018-02-12 USD

About FWD Vietnam

FWD Vietnam aims to provide customer-led insurance coverage, including life insurance, personal accident, critical illness, and health-focused products. Along with ABBANK, our bank partner, we deliver a fresh customer experience and provide quality services nationwide in Vietnam.

Manager, Finance

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