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As the market leader in enterprise application software, SAP is at the center of today’s business and technology revolution. When you run live, you run simple with SAP.

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Performance Engineer - Database Performance Analysis


Job Description

1/ Team Purpose & Objectives

  • We have set ourselves the challenging task of further developing the groundbreaking SAP in-memory computing technology over the next years. The latest technologies in the areas of main-memory, multi-core processing, and data management now allow effective in-memory computing, which analyzes business data in real time and combines transactional and analytic functions to significantly improve the performance of existing business processes.
  • As the basis of the SAP in-memory technology, the SAP HANA database is already widely recognized as an exceptionally valuable element of the SAP software portfolio and will be of crucial importance for the SAP market of the future. The SAP HANA database development team is developing a software engine that runs high-performance parallel in-memory processing on huge quantities of data to deliver extremely fast real-time responses to analytical queries.
  • To strengthen SAP HANA with more features being added with highest quality, we are looking for Quality Engineers which help us in all quality aspects of the product.

2/ Job description

  • Performance is the key feature of SAP HANA database management system. Therefore, similar to functional correctness, performance needs to be monitored continuously. The SAP HANA Database Performance Analysis team is mainly responsible for dealing with performance test results on a daily basis. 
  • It supports continuous integration of C++ coding into the SAP HANA Database core engine, featuring state-of-the-art bug & patch tracking, code review, sophisticated automated performance testing facilities and advanced release management systems. Tasks may include, but are not limited to:
            -  Support the delivery team in the evaluation of performance test results
            -  Support developers in the analysis of performance problems/regressions
            -  Improve the quality and reliability of performance tests
            -  Monitor and improve the performance test infrastructure
            -  Create new and improve existing tools for monitoring and analysis of performance test results

Job Requirements

1/ Required Skills and Experience:

  • Skills & experience with Linux/Unix.
  • DB & SQL knowledge.
  • Experience in XHTML, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and AJAX, JQuery, …
  • Experience in using tools to analyze performance of databases, systems and applications.
  • Scripting experience (Python/java script or shell scripting).
  • Good English communication skills, English will be used daily during working.
  • Very good analytical skills, familiarity with root cause analysis and analyzing complex problems.

2/ Other requirements:

  • Good knowledge of software architecture and object-oriented design.
  • Experience with continuous QA tools ( e.g. Git, Gerrit, Jenkins, Bugzilla).
  • Ability to take responsibility and handle pressure.
  • Ability to think creatively and solve complex problems.
  • Self-motivated, fast learner with the ability to operate independently.
  • Team player with strong interpersonal skills and a willingness to help others.
  • Good problem solving skills.

3/ A plus will be skills in

  • Experience dealing with customers and handling customer issues

Additional Information

2017-11-17 USD


As the market leader in enterprise application software, SAP is at the center of today’s business and technology revolution. SAP helps you streamline your processes, giving you the ability to use live data to predict customer trends – live and in the moment. Across your entire business. When you run live, you run simple with SAP.

Performance Engineer - Database Performance...

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