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Senior Assistant (Admin, Accounting, Translating)


Job Description

This Position is required to provide high-quality job performance in “Administration, Commercial and Accounting” job in Power Infrastructure Business Department (“PIBD”). The work isincluded, but not limited to:

  1. Translating the documents from Vietnamese to English and/or vice versa.
  2. Handling commercial and accounting issue (Kookei Debit Note, Sales Closing forDepartment, etc.).
  3. Collecting the information from newspapers, magazines and websites.
  4. Support PIBD’s members in daily administration works (e.g. making and completing internalapplications, flight/hotel/car arrangement, business trip settlement, office expenses, giftsarrangement, etc.).
  5. Supporting visitors (from Tokyo or other Offices) by arranging ofbusiness trip (e.g. flight/hotel/car arrangement, VISA application, etc.).
  6. Coordinating with and supporting DH3 Extension Project Office (arrangement of VISA/Work Permit for foreign expatriates, handling tax issues, handing procurement, stationerychecking and delivery, facilities, equipment, checking monthly bills, recording and followingup monthly payment to suppliers, etc.).
  7. Support other administration duties for PIBD if any occurs.

Job Requirements

  1. Gender & age: Lady, aging below 28 (born in 1990 onwards).
  2. Education & Experience:
    a. University graduate (majored in English, Economics, Business Administration or equivalence).
    b. Better to have at least 02-year experience in relevant position.
    c. Prefer to have experience in large & multinational working environment.
  3. Skills & Expertise:
    a. Fluent English communication (writing/ speaking/ etc.).* Obtained or really potential to obtain TOEIC score at least 800.* If the successful candidate hasn’t obtained 800-scored TOEIC Certificate within 2 years fromemployment starting date, she is required to submit an 800-scored TOEIC Certificate tothe company within 60 days from employment starting date, with full test-fee with “IIGVietnam” to be sponsored by the company.
    b. Strong skills with Microsoft Office Suite (Excel, Words, Power-point, etc.).
    c. Good at time management and organizational skills & details oriented.
    d. Good interpersonal and communication skills.
    e. Able to work under high pressure and handle multiple tasks.
    f. Willing to learn, being self-motivated, be patient/ careful/ independent.g. Prefer to have SAP knowledge.

Additional Information

2018-02-01 USD

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Được thành lập năm 2012, J-JOB trở thành cầu nối công việc uy tín giữa Nhật Bản và Việt Nam. Chúng tôi luôn nỗ lực làm thật tốt nhiệm vụ của mình, góp phần xây dựng và kết nối nguồn nhân lực chất lượng cao đáp ứng các nhu cầu cho xã hội.

Senior Assistant (Admin, Accounting, Translating)

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