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We have a team of bright, talented Consultant with over 10 years working experience that give the firm a balance of experience and the best track record in various industries.

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Township Manager


Job Description

Purpose of Job / Job Summary

Manage and operate the functional arms of TMD i.e. Township, Clubhouse, Parcel A Festive Retail etc.

Authorities / Discretions / Delegations

              Finance: Budget control

              Recruitment: Interview and recommendation for appointment

              Administrative: Approval up to authority limit. Recommendation to General Manager’ verification and approval.

              Delegation of Work: All related TMD works

Key Responsibilities / Duties

-       Oversee and manage the operations of the functional arm of Township Management Department, i.e. Township, Clubhouse and other functional arms to ensure efficient and effective implementation of Township Management services.

-       To guide and develop service quality in all level of staff to ensure service delivery in meeting the departmental service standard, i.e. Meeting customers’ needs, timeliness in completing the tasks, quality of work undertaken

-       Establish the necessary operating procedures and systems for the department to ensure efficient and effective implementation of day to day operations.

-       Manage and ensure the proper upkeep and maintenance of Township and Clubhouse to ensure they are in serviceable and quality conditions for the usage of the residents and members.

-       Achieve all deliverables in ensuring timeliness in attending to the delivery of vacant possession and defects issues raise by Purchasers.

-       Promote community lifestyle within the Township.

-       Long term planning on improvement and enhancement to the Township environment and image to enable its match the standard of management of other townships or property in the local industry.

-       Preparation of the Business Budget Plan for the management of the Township, the Clubhouse and other functional components of TMD.

-       Preparation, monitoring and control of departmental operating expenditures in line with the approved Business Budget Plan and take corrective actions on any deviations from expenditures.

-       To coach, build and motivate staff to achieve the cooperation, teamwork and developing the skills to achieve the desired results.

-       Undertake other duties and responsibilities as directly by his superior, General Manager.

-       To report to General Manager, Township Management and to inform him if necessary if other departments or management request for specific assignments.

Club House roles and responsibilities

-          To network and promote the banquet hall as an arena for mass events such as weddings, parties of sorts, company events, trainings , seminars and related events that will promote and bring business to the banquet hall and the clubhouse as a whole. To draw up a five year strategic plan with the current available club facilities and resources; this is to enable the overall business plan allocated to the club house being implemented in line with the overall C2 development. 

-          To review the current manpower and if necessary to reorganise such that an effective and optimum team is put together where their main focus is to actively market and promote the banquet hall and the clubhouse as a destination place for family recreation, private functions and corporate meeting place.

-          Put together annual marketing and promotional programmes together with the relevant budget proposal for the banquet hall and all F&B outlets as a whole with clear measurable KPIs to be achieved on monthly and annually basis, to be approved by the management. This programme shall be reviewed by the management on a monthly basis on its effectiveness and the necessary improvements to be rolled out immediately where necessary.

-          Put together annual budget showing clear revenue and expenses for banquet hall and all F&B outlets with clear monthly targets to be achieved for approval by the management. Monthly budget review with detail variance analysis shall be carried out by the management and improvements put in place immediately where and when necessary.

-          Analyse weekly income and expenditure for all food & beverage areas and report to superior highlighting reasons for variations as compare with budget.

-          To put up monthly funding requirements and monitor the spending in accordance to the approved cash flow.

-          To setup a routine and permanent club house maintenance schedule and inventory control system.

-          To enforce the fixed assets management system to ensure the overall club house assets are being safeguarded.

-          Put together standard operating procedures to be approved by the management on the use of the banquet hall as a venue to be rented out to the public or to carry out functions organised by the club.

-          To propose and seek approval from management on the design, set-up and implementation of food & beverage events /activities

-          To be responsible for any VIP function set up through end of the service to ensure 100% top-class service and the host is totally satisfied.

-          To have regular meetings with the club operation team to drive the activities and services of club as a whole to support the banquet and ensure overall operational harmony between the club activities that serve the members/residents and the activities in the banquet functions.

-          Checks all service outlets during the main meal periods to ensure that first class services are rendered to all guests.

-          Regular meetings with the outsourced restaurant and café operator to monitor the quality of business carried out in terms of both financial and as a whole to meet the residents and club members needs and the image as a club to serve the Gardens Township. To make suggestions when deemed necessary to the management in areas for improvement and to implement the improvements approved. Areas for improvement would also include operations, manpower, and quality of food, menu and cleanliness of the kitchen as a whole. To assist to vet through, recommend and make suggestions to the management on all events organised by the outsourced restaurant and café operator to ensure the quality of events benefits and meets the image of the club.

-          To take lead as in club membership department.

-          To review the existing set up and put in place an effective and optimum team to focus on driving the recruitment, renewal of club membership and maintain a high quality customer relationship management .

-          To prepare annual business plan for the club membership business model that is in line with the overall C2 development objective.

-          To put together annual program that consists of promotions and marketing campaigns to drive the recruitment and renewal of club members as well as the leasing of the club facilities. This proposal, to be approved by management shall indicate clear results to be achieved that match the annual financial cost plan for club membership recruitment that will be monitored by the management on a monthly basis. This program shall be reviewed on a monthly basis to gauge its effectiveness and to roll out improvements and adjustments to the program as and when necessary as approved by the management.

-          To set clear KPIs to communicate clearly to the marketing team on activities to be carried out and targets to be achieved.

-          To carry out post mortem of effectiveness of campaigns and events carried out.

-          To put together annual financial plan to be approved by the management. The financial plan shall include clear targets of annual revenue and budgeted expenses. The financial plan shall be monitored on a monthly basis by the management on its effectiveness and to roll out improvements or revisions as and when necessary.

-          To put up monthly funding requirements and monitor the spending in accordance to the approved cash flow.

-          To ensure the team put together standard operating procedures on the recruitment of club members, to be approved by the management.

-          To have regular meetings with the club team to ensure all club services and activities provided by the club meets the expectation of club members.

-          To regularly review the quality and activities in the club house are operated at optimum costs and level of service and to put together improvements where necessary to the management for approval. Key focus should be on service quality and customer relationship that can be communicated down to the rest of the subordinates as lessons learned and put up a check list to ensure the standard of quality are being maintained.

-          To put together monthly reports on the status of F&B operations and status of club membership recruitment drive and renewal to the management for review and update.

-       Performs any other assignments requested by the Management.

Functional Relationships

            Internal            :           All Departments

            External            :           All related suppliers, service providers, contractors, consultants

Job Requirements

Person Specifications

      Qualifications                        :     Bachelor degree in Engineering, Property or Facility Management or Property/ Building Related Studies                                            

      Experience                             :     10 years experience in Customer Service and Project/ Property Management

      Specific skills / abilities        :     Good management and leadership skills

      Personal qualities                 :     Good interpersonal skills and outward attitude

Additional Information


We have a team of bright, talented Consultant with over 10 years working experience that give the firm a balance of experience and the best track record in various industries in: Executive, General Management, Manufacturing, Engineering, Operation, Human resources Management, Finance, Supply Chain, IT, …etc. 

We have experiences in dealing with Multi-culture and personalities in the industry to provide the best practices gained from working with a wide range of local & multinational companies. So, we can provide our service in America, Asia, Europe, and south America. 

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