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Assistant Brand Manager_ Cosmetics/Spa_ HCM

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Beautiful Life Import and Export Company Limited (IPRETTY GROUP) is proud to be one of the leading distributors of beauty and skin care cosmetics in Vietnam. Now, we are looking for valuable candidates for "Assistant Brand Manager" position with details job description as below: 

Brand/ product portfolio management:
- Managing brand/ category plan including launching new products and managing portfolios of existing products;
- Infusing local insights into the international product concepts & creativities to bring international beauty standard close to Vietnamese culture;
- Driving growth on the assigned product groups through the development and implementation of IMC and retail excellence;
- Analyzing market, competitors and consumer data and make recommendations to management to reflect into business strategy and plan.

Media/ event:
- Ensure print-ad/ printed materials/ press-release communication message is relevant with local insights and keep brand uniqueness;
- Work with media agency and Zone to build the most effective media campaign;
- Build relationship with Press/ influencers to increase brand value and visibility;
- Initiative brand activity, animation to drive brand newness, excitement and professionalism focused on both new recruited customers and loyalty customers to drive business growth. Ensure the delivering of brand strategy and positioning.

Brand operation to support sales:
- Work with retail team to create sales campaign;
- Take responsibility for strategy of promotion campaign which help to bring sale value and deliver Luxe image;
- Analysis each counter situation and business requirement to build and develop a right action by each door.


- More than 2 years marketing experience in Beauty categories & digital savvy are major plus;
- Conceptualize skills and detailed-perfectionist mindset;
- Logical thinking & analytical skills;
- Good sense of beauty and high interest in beauty and fashion;
- Entrepreneurship mindset with financial/numeric acumen;
- Good command of English.  

 If you need further information, don't hesitate to contact recruitment's hotline (028 629 112020) or via email:  

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