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Gửi đến cả nhà vị trí  Executive Assistant to BOD. Với vài yêu cầu về kinh nghiệm như:

+ Có 5 năm kinh nghiệm tại vị trí trợ lý cho BOD.

+ Có kinh nghiệm hỗ trợ các dự án đầu tư lớn trong ngành Bất động sản liên quan đến Hospitality/ Residence projects.

Dear our valued candidates,

HR Strategy's client is a company specialized Real Easte industry. They are looking for Executive Assistant to BOD Position

  • Working Location: Ho Chi Minh City
  • Working Time: Monday to Friday
  • Report to: BOD


  • Receipt of documents and information from the sections submitted to BOD for approval;
  • Transmission the BOD's information to the relevant departments and receive feedback from the departments within the Company to the BOD;
  • Arrange the working schedule, schedule of the BOD;
  • Prepare documents, make a list of participants, prepare invitations, make minutes of meetings and send information to relevant members;
  • Compiling documents as required;
  • Document management and archiving;
  • On behalf of BOD welcoming delegations, attending meetings;
  • Perform translations upon request;
  • Performing work related to assessment, analysis, setting up projects, bidding, investment, construction, product strategy, market....;
  • Perform other tasks assigned;


  • Graduated University in major of Economics, Finance, Foreign Trade.
  • At least 5years experience in the same position, experienced in the field of secretarial, assistant in large companies is an advantage.
  • Preferably experiences in supporting to manage and participate major investment projects related to Hospitality, Residence projects
  • Experience in Real Estate industry.
  • Well communicate in English
  • Good Microsoft Office skills (Excel, word, power point)
  • Good presentation skills, good negotiating skills and writing skills;
  • Good analytical skills, good synthesis skills and Problem-solving skills
  • Have logical thinking and good strategic orientation;
  • Ability to work independently.
  • Be careful, honest, obey to the rules of the company
  • Ability to work under high pressure.


  • Salary: $1500 - $2500. It depends on candidate’s experience and qualification.
  • More details will be discussed during the interview.

If it suits you & your friends in career path, please email your CV to For further support please call/viber/zalo to Ms. Sang at 0918 082 881 or Skype ID: sangrom. Thanks a lot. 

HR Strategy (Headhunter_Tuyen Dung Nhan Su Cap Cao)

HR Strategy (Headhunter in Vietnam Market)

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