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HR Manager – Lương $2000 - $2200 – LV tại Biên Hòa

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Dear Our Valued Candidates,

HR Strategy (Headhunter)’s Client is a company specializing in Manufacture Factory. They are looking for a highly qualified candidate for the HR Manager Position.

  • Working Location: Dong Nai ( There is a shuttle bus)
  • Reporting to: Senior HR manager
  • Working Time:  Monday to Friday


  • Manpower Planning: provides management with a good perspective of how anticipated changes in the business will impact manpower requirements and allows time to locate the right talent to fill existing and forecasted gaps
  • Recruitment: Recruitment and selection, soliciting applicants and assessing their suitability to fill recently vacated or newly created positions using a variety of methods to make sure we recruit right person-recruit on time
  • Compensation and Benefit: guidelines for a competitive and fair compensation and benefits for a performance-driven culture
  • Performance Management: guidelines to appraise and continuously monitor the performance of employees based on agreed performance objectives
  • Learning & Development Management: process the planning for conducting activities that develop employee capabilities, abilities, knowledge and know-how to meet business, company and individual needs. This includes continuous learning activities that provide opportunities for employees to develop their potential
  • Career Management: establishing policies and processes which enable an employee to establish career objectives and determine appropriate educational and developmental program to further develop his skills to achieve these career objectives
  • Talent Management: process of managing employees who possess the potential, and with time, the ability to take up key leadership positions within the company. This will involve the identification, management, development and retention of individuals that will serve to ensure the continued success for the business
  • Employee Relationship: process of developing, maintaining and improving employer-employee relationships. This is done through the introduction of activities such as communication, consultation, prompt resolution of grievances, involvement of and negotiation with employee representatives
  • Human Rights: Respect for Human Rights, Community and Stakeholder Engagement, Diversity and Inclusion, Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining, Safe and Healthy Workplace, Workplace Security, Forced Labor and Human Trafficking, Child Labor, Work Hours, Wages and Benefits, Land Rights and Water Resources, Healthy Lifestyles, Guidance and Reporting for Employees, Responsibilities for holding periodical discussions at working place


  • Bachelor degree on Human Resource Management, BA, Economy, English
  • At least 05 years of experience in similar positions in Manufacturing
  • Fluent English proficiency
  • Strong computer and technical skills
  • Work independently
  • Organization and Strategic thinking
  • Flexible thinking and problem-solving
  • Team-leadership, persuasiveness, adaptability
  • A flair for appreciation of business workflow processes, systems and internal control


  • Salary: $2000 – $2200, depending on candidate’s ability
  • Bus car for HCM employee
  • More details will be discussed during the interview

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If it suits you & your friend in the career path please email your CV via or call Ms. Victoria Sang: 0918 082 881 for more support.

By the way, please kindly send us your valuable update resume for our consideration and if you have any concern, please kindly contact us back.

We are always available to support you.

Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks a lot.

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