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Job Alert: Risk & Audit Director $5,000 - $7,000 _ Binh Duong Province _ From HR Strategy

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Dear our valued candidates,


HR Strategy’s client is a company specialized in FMCG Manufacturing. They are looking for Risk & Audit Director

  • Working Location: Binh Duong Province
  • Working Time: From Monday to Friday
  • Company size: over 5,000 employees
  • Report to: BOD
  • Take care: 100 Staff



Audit/ Risk Strategy and Vison (if required)

Develop an audit and risk strategy to achieve world-class standard t.

 + Raise control/risk awareness within the company

Develop and review a training programs roadmap for employees to better comprehend controls and risks and benefits thereof.

+ Promote role and responsibility of HORA Department

Provide regular explanation sessions to the organization on the role/responsibilities of HORA, especially to newcomers.

Audit/ Risk assessment

Develop and review an audit and risk assessment tool to highlight most critical risk areas.

+ Carry out audit reviews

Develop and review comprehensive audit programs for all business cycles. Carry out and review periodic operational, financial and compliance reviews following the Annual Audit Risk Assessment or ad hoc management requests. Highlight control deficiencies.

Identify control weakness or efficiency improvement opportunities

Develop and agree SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic/Relevant, Time bound) action plans with key stakeholders.

+ Ensure proper and timely implementation of Action Plans

Perform follow up reviews based on Action Plan register.

Develop Control/Risk reporting

Update GAR Committee/BOD and Senior Executives on status of controls/risk environment.

Efficient usage of audit/risk team resources

Develop efficient audit tools using lastest technologies

Lead ad-hoc requests

Successfully lead fraud investigations or other projects based on CEO, BOD or GAR Committee request.

+ Closely interact with internal and external stakeholders (external auditors, consultants) as need be

Provide coaching/advisory to internal stakeholders in control/risk matters

Meet and support external stakeholders in their working at company

+ Ensure proper policies/procedures are issued

Provide guidance to skateholders and review new or amended policy/procedure proposals pior to them being approved by the CEO.

+ Prevent corporate risks

Based on Risk Assessment (Heat Map), follow up to ensure that clear efficient mitigation plans are implemented.

Develop a successor

Identify each team members development needs and closely discuss with HR adequate training solutions.

Expose team members to different business cycles and Risk area to develop a broader business understanding.

Expose team members to present to GAR or BOD.

Communicate updates to HORA team

Quarterly HORA team meetings include best practice sessions, presentation from internal/external stakeholders, trainings.




Over 15 years with increasing responsibility in a Finance/ Accounting/Internal-External audit function preferably , of which at least 5 in Vietnam or a similar developing market and at least 5 years in a leadership position in a multinational.

Specific Skills

  • Leadership
  • Networking/ Team-player
  • Coaching
  • Trustworthy
  • Ethical/Integrity/Confidentiality
  • Excellent communication/ presentation skills
  • Solid infuencing skills
  • Independent
  • Business Acumen
  • Result oriented


Technical knowledge/Competency

  • Solid accounting knowledge (Bachelor in Accounting, Finance or Business Administration).
  • Strong technical internal auditing/risk based analytical skills (knowledge of auditing and planing tools).
  • Lean and or Six Sigman certification preferred.

Computer skill

Solid Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Tableau knowledge

Language skill

Fluent in spoken and written English and Vietnamese



  • Salary: $5.000 – $7.000, depends on candidate’s experience and qualification.
  • More details will be discussed during the interview.


If it suits to you & your friend in career path, please apply online your Resume (CV) to or contact via Phone/Viber/Zalo Ms. Sang 0918 082 881 Skype ID: sangrom

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