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Dear our valued candidates,

We, Phu Long Real Estate Corporation, are looking for a Design Management Director 

Working location: Ho Chi Minh City


1. General Responsibilities:
Manage and operate all activities of Design Management Department, ensure the progress and design efficiency of the real estate investment projects of the Company in accordance with the Company's objectives, strategic, bussiness direction and comply with current laws.

2. Main Duties:
-Design, organize the apparatus in order to directly implementate the design works, manage the design works, manage and coordinate consultants on conceptual design ideas, general planning design ideas, interior and exterior design ideas.
- Monitor the design works and design compliance on site during construction.
- Design tasks, prepare bidding documents and organize bidding to select design consultants for projects according to the Company's development plan.
- Develop the annual work plan and budget for the Design Management Department in accordance with the annual work plan of the Company and submit to the General Director for approval.
- Coordinate with Sales and Marketing departments to fully update information on market trends and customer tastes to provide consultancy on design options, design ideas for real estate projects invested by the Company.
- Manage, review to ensure quality of design documents.
- Approve design ideas.
- Monitor and coordinate with relevant departments during the design approval process.
- Lead the process of working with design consultants (architecture, structure, M&E) to review, inspect and modify design drawings to complete the design documents (conceptual, schematic, basic design, detailed design, engineering design).
- Manage and provide support among the process of selecting architectural design consultants, structural design consultants, M&E design consultants; select and purchase materials, supplies and equipment for construction works.
- Chair all design coordination meetings with Consultants. Negotiate design contract’s issues.
- Study and propose feasible solutions related to the activities of the Design Management Department.
- Develop criteria for evaluating staff’s competency and train staff. Evaluate the work performance and competence of staffs of the Design Management Department to improve the performance of the Company. 
- Regularly or irregularly report to the BOM


1. Education/ Qualification: Have a bachelor's or master's degree in Construction and Architecture Design.
2. Experience: at least 5 years of experience in the same position in real estate/construction companies
3. Skills: 
- Fluent in English
- Ms Office, Auto Cad, Ms Project 
4. Other requirements:
- Leadership, initiative, creativity, cooperation, discipline, problem solving.
- Effective time management skills.
- Skills of planning and implementing work.
- Good communication, presentation skills, sharp thinking.
- Skills to work under high pressure.
- Presenting and expressing skills of short and convincing ideas.
- Independent working skills.
- Careful, always requires high accuracy in work.


Salary: Negotiable (very competitive and attractive, depends on candidate's experience and qualification)

More details will be discussed during the interview.


If it suits to you or your friends in career path, please apply your Resume (CV) to (Ms. Khoi Nguyen - Head of Recruitment - Phu Long Real Estate Corporation) or contact via Phone: 0908047690.

With warm regards,

HR Department - Phu Long Real Estate Corporation

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