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To start employment, fill out the online application.

We also recommend looking at vacancies for those who are already in South Korea:

The following vacancies are currently offered to work in South Korea:

  • • in factories and plants (packaging, sorting - for men and women),
  • • at construction sites (repair, decoration - for men),
  • • work in the agricultural sector (harvesting - for men and women),
  • • in post offices (loading, unloading - for men).


1. Work for men arbayt in factories and factories

Salary for men 70,000 KRW - 80,000 KRW per day

Paid daily. An increase in wages is possible due to processing, it depends on the desire and production need.

Working day - 11 hours, working week 5, Saturday, Sunday - days off.

During work two meals a day.

Housing is paid by the employee, the cost is from $ 50 - $ 100 per month.

2. Agricultural sector - picking vegetables

Salary for men 80,000 KRW per day

Salary for women 60,000 KRW per day

Paid daily. An increase in wages is possible due to processing, it depends on the desire and production need.

Working day - from 7 to 17:30 hours, working week 5, Saturday, Sunday - days off.

Accommodation is provided by the employer.

During work two meals a day.

3. Work in post offices - unloading, loading

Salary for men 75,000 - 80,000 KRW per day

Paid every day.

The working day is 10 hours.

Housing is paid by an employee, $ 300 - rent of housing in a motel, can be divided into two or three people.

Housing can be paid in installments.

4. Working in a denim factory

Both men and women are required. Married couples are welcome.

Salary 1 million 500 thousand - 1 million 600 thousand KRW (1280 - 1370 dollars per month)

Accommodation and meals are provided by the employer.

The factory is located an hour's drive from Seoul.

 5. Work in a textile factory

Packaging, processing, washing of fabric.

Men are required.

Salary 1 million 600 thousand KRW (1390 dollars per month).

Accommodation, 3 meals a day, specials. clothing provided by the employer.

The factory is a 40-minute drive from Seoul.

Working day: 12 - 14 hours, day off - Sunday.

The factory is 40 minutes away from Seoul

6. Work on offshore farms in South Korea

Work on offshore farms: knot knots, retrieve buoys, feed abalone, etc. Work that requires physical exertion. The job combines a stay both onshore and at sea (not far from the shore). Weekends are rainy and windy days. If the weather is good, then once every 2 weeks. You shouldn't have any physical disabilities.

Monthly Billing: KRW 1,500,000 Work period: from 2 months. Accommodation, wi-fi and 3 meals a day are provided at the expense of the employer.

7. Work for women in a karaoke club and in a bar on the vacancy of a hostess

Salary $ 2500 - $ 3000 per month, formed from a salary of 900 KRW to 1 million KRW and tips.

Accommodation is provided by the employer: in a residential block at the club or in an apartment near the club. Accommodation for 2-3 girls per room. The apartment is equipped with everything you need: kitchen, shower, toilet, washing machine, etc.

Air flight: organized from Moscow, paid by the employer (50% of the one-way ticket cost is deducted from the first salary, approximately $ 300).

Requirements: age 20 - 30 years, attractive appearance, sociability, benevolence, stress resistance.

Preferred: - knowledge of spoken English and Korean, - artistic skills (singing, dancing).

8. Working on a fishing boat

The ship goes to sea in the morning and returns to the port in the evening. On the ship there is a team of fishermen, led by the captain of the ship. Fishing is carried out not far from the coast. Vacancy of an auxiliary worker on the ship.

Salary 80,000 KRW per day, payable every day. Meals are provided during work. Housing is paid by the employee $ 90 per month per person.

Departure for 2-3 months is possible, visa is not required. In connection with the constantly changing rules for leaving and entering South Korea, our managers will acquaint you with all the necessary information by phone.

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