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Legal Counsel

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We, Fulbright University Vietnam - Vietnam’s first independent, non-profit, liberal arts university, are seeking a Legal Counsel who will be responsible for providing a variety of legal services to the institution’s executives. The position will report directly to the President.

Scope of Work

The Legal Counsel will be expected to provide representation and advice on a variety of in-house legal matters in regulatory compliance and risk management, policy formulation and training, contract review and drafting, intellectual property, litigation management, and other areas of higher education law.

The Legal Counsel will be expected to exercise a high degree of independence, excellent judgment, communicate effectively with high-level officials and stakeholders, address programmatic and operational issues, and advance the mission of Fulbright to foster diversity, equity, and inclusivity in access to opportunities throughout the Fulbright community. Given the start-up nature of Fulbright, the position encompasses a wide range of roles from front-line services to behind-the-scenes processing.

The Legal Counsel is also required to effectively communicate the risks and legal issues involved in any decision to management. This enables the Executive Committee to make informed strategic choices within an acceptable legal risk profile.

Roles and Responsibilities

The Legal Counsel’s duties and responsibilities include:

Steer, lead, and coordinate daily in-house matter management

·     Ensure, monitor and oversee compliance with general NGO and Education law, as well as Corporate, Tax, and Employment law requirements.

·     Draft, negotiate, maintain, and oversee contracts, including professional service agreements, non-disclosure agreements, facility use agreements, and independent contractor agreements for all areas of Fulbright.

·     Research and anticipate unique legal issues that could impact the institution

·     Provide legal awareness training and legal subject-specific training for all employees. Effectively communicate the importance of legal documents such as contractual requirements, preservation notices, etc.

·     Play a key role in collaboration, negotiations and managing costs with law firms and experts.

 Provide legal mater management

·     Provide accurate and timely counsel and guidance on legal implications of matters involving Fulbright, including contractual matters, legal compliance, dispute resolution, coordination with auditors, and supervision of outside counsel.

·     Work collaboratively with Executive Committee, and/or outside counsel to define a strategic plan to any, and all legal matters involving Fulbright.

Other duties

Contribute to team effort by welcoming new and different work requirements; explore new opportunities to enhance the services of the department; help others accomplish related job results as and where needed.



·      A Bachelor’s degree (or beyond) in law is required


·      From 4 to 7 years of experience working in a law firm, in-house or legal practice at foreign organization(s)

·      Member of a local bar association

·      Familiarity with construction approval process is preferable  

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

·      Proficiency in both English and Vietnamese languages

·      Knowledge and understanding of alterations in legislation

·      Clear and concise verbal and written communication skills with diversity of stakeholders

·      Ability to work independently and to be self-motivated while handling multiple assignments in an array of substantive areas with moderate supervision

·      High ethical standards that reflect honesty, integrity, and reliability

·      Good judgment, patience, calm demeanor under pressure, and even temperament in the face of adversity and conflict

·      Having technical insights in education and legal matters applicable to higher education is a strong advantage

How to Apply

Please email a cover letter explaining your interest in the position and resume to The position will remain open until filled. Applications must be received by July 29, 2019 for fullest consideration. Only short-listed applicants will be contacted for further process.

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