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Looking for SOURCING & DEVELOPMENT MANAGER - in Binh Duong; contact Thuy 0909552796; email:

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Our client - the top leading sewing company specialized in fabric/leather covered furniture - is looking for SOURCING & DEVELOPMENT MANAGER.


Job Summary
- Manages fabric, PU and leather material resource development.
- Establish a formulated standard material quality control system.
- Be aware of the current market trends, prices, sources, competition.
- Manages all development work in relation to the business goals of company.
- Liaise with corporate office design and development team.

Scope of Responsibility
- Direct the activities of the development management and fully utilize the support of all departments to meet company objectives.
- Responsible for developing high quality fabric and leather for a predetermined price within budgetary and time constraints.

- Define sourcing and procurement needs with internal clients, managements and Corporate; document Request For Proposal (RFP) , and coordinate all surrounding activities
- Travel extensively in Asia to source qualified Leather, PU and Fabric suppliers, develop and nurture new vendors. Attend trade shows in Asia, Europe, U.S.
- Analyze suppliers and advise/select the most suitable ones
- Make sure the suppliers meet the Company’s quality standards of raw materials
- Maintain relationship with key suppliers for sustainable and competitive sources of raw materials
- Set and work on the fabric and leather pricing structure of the company, manage the pricing and payment terms
- Develop new products and Negotiate pricing and payment terms
- Formulate standard quality control system and physical testing procedures
- Monitor the testing procedure and drive improvement initiatives focused upon improving processes to attain increased through-put and quality.
- Responsible for training and coaching of the quality control staffs.
- Serve as a mentor to subordinates by creating an environment characterized by a free exchange of ideas, teaching, and learning from each other.
- Implement suggestions that improve or change processes in support of the company’s growth objectives.
- Regularly update the market trends / prices / competition / legislation
- Work with Purchasing Department to provide them with accurate supplier information, pricing and initial deliveries.
- Maintain records of master standards and analysis of related information. Ensuring relevant database and spreadsheets are updated.
- Fully utilize the support of all departments to meet new product development and production requirements.
- Complete other assignments and special projects as requested by the General Director and/or Corporate Development Management.

Transportation from District 1.

Working hour: from Monday – Saturday (from 07:00 – 16:00 per day).

- University graduate, major in Leather Engineering and/or Textile is an advantage.
- At least 7 years experience in leather or fabric development, of which 3 years at managerial level.
- Proven track record of success measured by increased responsibility and attainment of prescribed objectives.
- Knowledge of:
** Quality control methods
** Leather and textile construction, quality, price points
** Knowledgeable about furniture materials
- Skills and Abilities
** Professionally qualified in leather or fabric processing and manufacturing
** Strong multi-tasking skills
** Strong vendor assessment skills
** Familiar with maintaining suppliers database
** Capacity to organize, direct and train development team
** Ability to document technical matters clearly,
** Trend conscious / awareness
** Excellent organizational skills
** Ability to communicate with all organizational levels
** Fluency in written and spoken English and Chinese

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    Hello Sir, I am interested in this job. I already have a lot of experience working in the furniture industry as I have worked as a Supervisor at a furniture cover company that also offers Covers And All promo codes which helps in attracting customers towards the latest furniture and their covers.

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