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8th floor, Thai Ha Building, 18/11 Thai Ha, Dong Da, Ha Noi
eXo is an international IT firm established in 2003. Its headquarters are located in Paris, France. The company currently employs over 130 high-tech collaborators around the world. eXo´s application portfolio includes a database, an enterprise-class portal, a document management system, a collaboration suite (webmail, calendar, contacts, chat), a knowledge suite (FAQ, forum, wiki), a web content management suite (to build internet and intranet websites) and mobile applications. Those components make a technological platform. They integrate together to provide Open Source Enterprise solutions outreaching customers expectations worldwide.

Examples of eXo customers are: the U.S. Department of Defence, some European governments, Telecom companies, Insurances, Health companies, European TV channels and NGOs. eXo is a prime partner of Red Hat's JBoss (the company that leads Linux and Open Source Java) to build the next generation of Enterprise Portals, and has been a major participant of the last Google Tour in Southeast Asia. eXo is also a member of the groups that define the Java standards of tomorrow. With professional services and international products, eXo is strongly positioned to address its customer needs in the areas where it has offices: North America, South East Asia, Europe, North Africa, Middle East... and next year South America with a first office in Argentina.

As the leading Open Source company in Vietnam, eXo SEA is the first choice for motivated applicants with a high level of technical expertise and international exposure. eXo SEA, with a professional and dynamic environment, comes to you as the most attractive IT company in Vietnam. “Open source offers stability, security, flexibility as well as community support and cost efficiency. That is the reason why every day it convinces more and more users. eXo Platform™ focuses to bring Open Source to Vietnam and the remaining of the world. We are now looking for the most talented people, willing to work in an international environment, using English naturally”, said Mr. Brice Revenant, eXo SEA Director.

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Job Requirement
Technical requirements

* Experience in website design. Especially experience to design for foreign companies (mandatory)
* Focuses on trends, GUI, usability, accessibility
* Ability to follow brand identity
* It's the creation of icons. This is a special skill and we appreciate it.
* Proficient in Graphic software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, Adobe Flash
* Ability to design while thinking about usability / ergonomic of our web applications
* Usability and ergonomic experience

* Creative
* Good communication
* Good at English or French
* Patient
* Strong attraction by arts
* Ability to take up challenges and to work under tight deadlines
* Team working spirit
* Curious and willing to learn new design trends and technologies

- Attractive salary and good benefit
- Review salary: 2 times/Year with high ratio
- Opportunity to get 14,15 month of salary/year.
- Health check yearly
- English Club, Ping-pong, football club...
- Small party every day.
- Company trip
- Be trained to improve your skills in your expertise areas, and possibly travel overseas to work with eXo collaborators in other branches or with customers
- Work for the leading Open Source project developed in Vietnam and leading on the European market
- Join a young and dynamic team in a friendly and professional working environment
- Become a member of a world wide Open Source company competing with leading international organizations
- Work on innovative and interesting products.
- Work directly with foreigners

6285 0000 ext 100

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