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Looking for Very strong QA, Tester, Looking for Technical Software validation for CROSS team.

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Looking for Technical Software validation for CROSS team.
1. Performance benchmark:
a. Make official performance benchmarks with reporting during Release Test Campaigns
b. Make weekly performance benchmarks with comparative reporting to raise alerts when performance regression occurs. Make a wiki + mail weekly reporting on comparative performance benchmarks
c. Make on-demand performance benchmarking to help Project Teams to validate, on a performance point of view, a new development, an improvement or a refactoring.
d. Make on demand profiling with JProfiler
2. Code Quality: Code Quality: Measure the Development Standards rules respect and make reporting (mainly with Sonar)
3. Security:
a. Make a study to find tooling on Software Security analyze (mainly for the UI Part)
b. Make Security Analyze of our Products (XSS, …)
4. Data Set: Create, maintain and document data sets for projects / product testing (focused on performance testing)
5. QA Factory and Tooling:
a. Study (or Create if no other choice), maintain and document the necessary tooling for performance benchmarking and security subjects
b. Automation: all the recurring activities of the Technical QA should be automated as much as possible
c. Build, operate and maintain the QA Factory VN. Keep the QAF VN consistent with the QA Factories of others countries and the Software Factory (SWF)
• Testing skills: Good at web application manual testing/automation testing. Knowing about performance testing, scripting, debugging, profiling, analyzing is preferred.
• Programming skills
Language: java/C# is preferred, good in using regular expression, know well XML format
Web application knowledge: HTML, JavaScript, browsers features and behaviors, HTTP requests/responses, server behaviors,...
Application: application for Linux/Windows, web applications is preferred
• Automating skills
Scripting: MS DOS bat scripting, MS Windows power shell scripting, Linux shell scripting (preferred)
Thinking of automation: Using Macro (MS Office macro, other applications macro), Using Regular expression
Testing tools: IBM Rational robot, IBM Rational performance tester, HP/Mercury LoadRunner, OpenSTA,...JMeter, soapUI
Server monitoring tools: TOAD, MS Windows Performance meter, OpenNMS, Cacti, zabbix, graphite....
Analyzing tools: MS excel/Google spreadsheet/OpenOffice spreadsheet, text manipulation tools (textpad, Notepad++, jEdit,...)
Tools used for performance testing is preferred
• Be smart, careful, curious and work hard; to be passionate in performance testing and passion in security testing
• Good communication.
• Good English or French


- Attractive salary and good benefit
- Review salary: 2 times/Year with high ratio
- Opportunity to get 14,15 month of salary/year.
- Health check yearly
- English Club, Ping-pong, football club...
- Small party every day.
- Company trip
- Be trained to improve your skills in your expertise areas, and possibly travel overseas to work with eXo collaborators in other branches or with customers
- Work for the leading Open Source project developed in Vietnam and leading on the European market
- Join a young and dynamic team in a friendly and professional working environment
- Become a member of a world wide Open Source company competing with leading international organizations
- Work on innovative and interesting products.
- Work directly with foreigners

Contact :
6285 0000 ext 100

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    Nghi Nguyen Van

    I think the phone number is: (04)62850000 ext 100 :)

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