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Head Office : No. 3, CN6 Block, Ind. Zone, Minh Khai Ward, Tu Liem Dist., Hanoi, Vietnam
Northern Branch : 3rd Fl.,Artex Building,No. 172, Ngoc Khanh St, Ngoc Khanh Ward, Ba Dinh Dist., Hanoi,VN
Southern Branch : No. 203/9, Ly Thuong Kiet St, 6th Ward, Tan Binh Dist., Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Website :
Phone : 043.7656979
Fax : 043.7656981
HAYEN CORPORATION is the Vietnamese leading enterprise in manufacturing and supplying industrial kitchen equipment and laundry equipments in Vietnam. HAYEN CORPORATION is proud of being 17 years leading enterprise in this field and receiving the belief and trust of hotel corporations and construction consultant firms. HAYEN CORPORATION applied ISO 9001-2008 quality standard system and “5S” Japanese production management methods. They are the reason why customers always feel secure about quality in using HAYEN products and services.With the goal “ Satisfying customer’s wishes at highest”, more than 200 HAYEN staffs will strive to enchance product and service quality, bring maximun interests to our customers.
Now, HAYEN CORPORATION is conducting recruitment for management positions as follows:
1. Object/ Area: Kitchen equipment for overseas markets ( Japan, USA, Australia, Italy, Europe, Asean ...)
2. Position: Head of Develop bussines Department (Developing Kitchen equipment market in Japan, USA, Italy, Europe…)
3. Place working: 203/9 Ly Thuong Kiet, 6 Ward, Tan Binh Dist, HCM City.
4. Main task:
- Responsible for all business activities of HYI in HCM City.
- Building management systems, operating for Sales and Service block.
- Construction, development and sales management system of the Company
- Business planning, development and exploitation of market
- To monitor and promote the progress of sales, selling policies to achieve the sales target set.
- Organize Marketing activities
- Plan assessment, development and training for sales staff
- Consult the company leaders on strategy, plans and business plans of the Company
- The other work required by the Board of Directors
5. Degree: Banchelor
6. Major: Business Administration/ foreign Trade/ E-commerce and economic management.
7. Experience: At least 03 years at the same position/ At least 05 years in Business/ Business project
8. English: Proficient ( 4 Skills)
9. Computer skill: Proficient/ Proficient use of search by Internet
10. Required Skills
- Presentation Skills
- Communication Skills, negotiation and bargaining
- Teamwork
- Planning & Reporting
11. Other requirements...
- Understanding of market hotel / restaurant/ Resort in Vietnam (especially Southern of VN & HCM city )
- Professional working style
- Appearance is quite
- Ability & vision
- Experience in developing and looking for potential market
- Knowledge of Marketing
- Understanding of import and export business
- Ability to manage work, authorization
- Ready to move
- Ability to work under high pressure
12. Salary:
From 1500 ~ 3000 USD / month (Based on capacity of candidate)
13. Benefit:
- Enjoy Holidays
- The social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance in Labour Law
14. Allowance:
- allowances for work
- Responsibility allowances
If you are finding a new change, a challenging task, a job amazing with professional environment & friendly colleagues. Let's sent your RESUME for us through the following channels:
1. Name: Pham Minh Thuy (Ms.)
2. Phone: 043.7656979 (ext: 102)
3. E-mail:


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