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Job Alert: MARKETING MANAGER - $2000 - $2500 _ LONG AN

Thời gian làm việc: Thứ 2 – Thứ 6 (2 sáng thứ 7 trong tháng) ·         Báo cáo cho: Marketing Director (Expat) MÔ TẢ CÔNG VIỆC: 1. Hỗ trợ Giám đốc Marketing thiết lập chiến lược kinh doanh và chính sách tiếp thị Báo cáo so sánh tổng hợp về ... View more
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Legal Deputy Director (Real Estate)_$4000 - $6000_HCM

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Job Posting: Personal Assistant _ $1,000 - $1,400 _ HCMC

Dear Our Valued Candidates,

HR Strategy’s Client is a Company operating in the F&B industry. They are looking for a qualified candidate for the position: Personal Assistant

  • Working location: Ho Chi Minh City
  • Working Time: Monday to 1/2 Saturday
  • Report To: CEO


  • Manage, coordinate and maintain calendar of CEO including appointments, meetings and travel.
  • Responsible for organising of internal and external meetings on behalf of the CEO ensuring all necessary requirements are made e.g. meeting venue, equipment, presentations, prepare agendas.
  • Provide executive and administrative support to CEO.
  • Responsible for organising CEO travel and logistics including flights, visa requirements, hotel accommodation, car rental, meeting schedules while travelling and completing expenses.
  • Monitor and respond to incoming communications (including complaints) to CEO’s office including phone calls, emails and walk ins, ensuring correct department distribution.
  • Secretarial support for meetings as and when required by the CEO, including drafting and circulating meeting agendas, preparing minutes, communicating meeting reminders, confirming venues and arranging refreshments. Writing and distributing comprehensive minutes and action points to all members post meeting.
  • Drafting and writing high quality reports and presentations, as required by the CEO.
  • Communicating important updates and information as required by CEO.
  • Arrange Central Office and Senior leadership events.
  • Translate documents, emails and other communication for the CEO.
  • Handle highly confidential information and material.


  • At least a Bachelors degree.
  • Very good written and spoken English
  • At least 3 years of experience as a secretary/ PA.
  • Organisational, planning and multi-tasking skills
  • Communication skills
  • Information gathering and information monitoring skills
  • Problem analysis and problem-solving skills
  • Judgment and decision-making ability
  • Initiative
  • Professionalism and confidentiality
  • Attention to detail and accuracy
  • Flexibility


  • Salary: $1000 – $1400, depends on the candidate’s qualification
  • More details will be discussed during the interview

If it suits you & your friend in career path, please apply online your Resume (CV) to, or call 0918 082 881 (Ms. Sang)/ Add Skype: sangrom for further support.

Thanks a lot.

HR Strategy (Headhunter-Tuyen Dung Nhan Su Cap Cao)

HR Strategy (Headhunter in Vietnam Market)

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Job Posting: Legal _ $1000 - $5000 _ HCM

Cả nhà ơi, Team Tuyển Dụng nhánh Legal của HR Strategy đang chạy các job hot trong mảng Pháp Lý, Anh Chị đi ngang qua xin dành ít phút xem thông tin nhé, biết đâu đây là cơ hội tốt cho bản thân và cho bạn bè của mình đang có ý định chuyển việc:

1.Senior Legal Manager (M&A)  $4,000 – $5,000  HCM

2.Project Legal Deputy Director (Real Estate)_$3,500 – $4,200_HCM

3.Legal Manager (M&A)   $2,000 – $3,000  HCM

4.Legal Project Manager (Real Estate)_$2,000-$2,500_HCM

5.Legal Consultant  $1,500 – $2,500  HCM

6.Enterprise Lawyers_$1,000 – $1,200_HCM

Xem JD các job Legal tại sau nhé:

Anh Chị cần hỗ trợ thêm thông tin đừng ngần ngại hãy liên hệ ngay đến Sang qua thông tin

- Email:

- Contact Phone/viber/zalo 0918 082 881

- ID Skype: sangrom

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Legal Project Manager (Real Estate)_$2000 – $2500_HCMC

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Project Legal Deputy Director (Real Estate)_$3500-$4200_HCMC

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Answer hZWXnZlllXCYk5aExaBkb-GkoGOYcFLJpMWoq4DHo5ifmatXc6xsmGVrUr98qKellJ--oJ_Tj6PNo5mMrs7PxrDF3N-wn8KdpcbWzNPUU3DZa55siJyl1JvYnqemiHCnbWVtb1qlm9CVcpPXoaWgfYeArlVx12ptnlqkkdTG0dSGn8Ogl2rcrJ6Uk52Gy5-pz6XfkdqvoMtan6hycKBXpaiZrKmhqKCHa6RqnHJYl6OnnNaslc2UWZ-rbmWch5aXmZebiJ-jm3GehcPG2NWjlM-ViG3PcGChteE.

HR Manager (F&B) _ $1500 _ Hà Nộ

Thân gửi các ứng viên,... View more
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