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Work Life Balance – Reclaim Your Control to Success

The relationship between personal and professional life can be rocky. It’s tricky to maintain a healthy work life balance, especially when you are a leader or top performer in the organization. Within the same 24 hours per day, how can we restore harmony while still boosting productivity? Discuss with Anphabe's advisor- Mr.Paul Wong – Founder at Radical Coaching and other members to find out the effective strategy to deal with this never-ending issue.


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Paul Wong

Servant Leadership Facilitator


The discussion is open from 21-03-2012 to 30-04-2012

The advisor answered on 20-04-2012

How do you priorize your choice?

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hi Paul, i know balance is a choice, that's why each person would have different balance. However I would like to know if you have any principles to prioritize your choice? Thanks

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  • Paul Wong's picture
    Paul Wong

    Thanh, because I believe work supports the family, I am willing to sacrifice work for the family but not vice versa (it's been a difficult but rewarding choice because it challenges me to work even more purposefully).

    When making choices, I ask myself how does my choice affect my relationships (key word) in this order of priority:
    1. Family:
    2. Work:
    b.Strategic Partners

    With honesty & often the help of mentors, I consider my motivation and the pros & cons of my choice. If a choice has a negative impact on the family, I would find alternatives or simply say "No" to the opportunity.

    It's taken years of painful mistakes in the past for me to come to a decision to choose family over work. In the work, it's also been many painful mistakes to come to a decision to put the team before customers.

    These priorities have now helped me to make better choices - which leads to more peace, less regrets and balance in my life. Hope this answers your question :)

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  • THANH NGUYEN's picture

    Thanks Paul for very sincere and inspiring answer. I really like when you say making the choice of family over work even make your work more meaningful and purposeful. Wish you and your small family a lot of health, joy and happiness:)

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