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4 star hotel in Hanoi - Brandi Gate Hotel

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As a very new member of Brandi Hotel Group since December 2018, Brandi Gate Hotel & Spa will bring customers different experiences. This is the first time customers can find a hotel with neoclassical architecture in the heart of Cau Giay district. In a place not famous for tourism like Cau Giay, Brandi Gate Hotel & Spa has really made a significant breakthrough with 80 luxurious guest rooms, fully equipped with modern furniture such as air conditioning system. and central hot water, satelite LCD TV, in-room safe deposit box, high speed internet and so on ...

In addition to a accommodation, Brandi Gate Hotel & Spa is a small paradise right in a hurried city with Brandi Gate Ro Roof Bar and Brandi Gate Fitness Center including 4-season swimming pool, gym, sauna & massage. . Located on the high floor and especially used for indoor guests, Brandi Gate Fitness Center with open and airy space, modern and diverse imported accessories will help customers feel completely refreshed and calm after a hard working day.

Located near Hoang Quoc Viet roundabout - Vo Chi Cong - Lac Long Quan - Buoi, it is very convenient for customers to move from Brandi Gate Hotel & Spa to Noi Bai International Airport as well as industrial parks in Northern Hanoi. . Moreover, Brandi Gate Hotel & Spa is located only from universities, government agencies as well as cultural, political and cultural destinations of Hanoi in general and Cau Giay district in particular

Brandi Gate Hotel & Spa has two multifunctional meeting rooms with modern facilities and a European-style restaurant, ideal for organizing small and medium-sized events. Here, despite choosing any room type in the long or short term, customers will be delighted with the authentic taste of regional and international cuisine made by talented cheves.

With the mission of putting the needs of the customer first, Brandi Gate Hotel & Spa is a significant choice for those who are seeking high standards in hotel service.

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