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Operation Manager - Education - $2000 - $3000 - HCMC

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Dear Our Valued Candidates,

HR Strategy (Headhunter)’s Client is a company specializing in the EducationThey are looking for high qualified candidate for Operation Manager Position

  • Working Location: HCM
  • Reporting to: Managing Director (MD)
  • Take care:
    • System Support Operation Executive
    • Operation Admin
    • Property & Procurement Specialist
    • Maintenance Officer
    • IT Support Officer
  • Time: T3-T7


JOB RESPONSIBILITY for Operation Manager Position

  • The role of Operation Manager is to streamline processes and build systems, SOP, provide training, coaching to Centre Management Team, Customer Care Team, Study Advisor to hit target . Responsible for Business P/L Establishing & Managing the SOP implementation for customer service excellences to ICR Stutdents & Parents by producing the training & manage execution of SOP & system training, coaching across centers for both online & offline students business .
  1. Business Operation Management:
  • Work alongside with Area SOM / Director of Sales , COMs to manage systems, operating SOPs, System , Training for centers & none center staff
  • Design & Provide SOP , System Training to Support for business sector for new enrollment & re-enroll
  • Co providing the onboarding operation training for ICR employees for none teachers & teachers
  • Setting up infrastructure & provide training for new centers
  • Managing the infrastructure SOPs for the company
  • Ensuring Center management & customer Care team in center are well trained & perform well up to operation academic classrooms standard . Ensuring center management & customer care are well trained on academic student care services ( course plan , diary, lesson plan, students’ progress reports, etc.…)
  • Manage well budget & operating the administration including part time resources, stationary & wellbeing costs of each Centers. Update documents & policies & deploy operations to the
  • Manage & control well the Center operating license, equipment according to the standards of the fire protection systems of the Company. Ensuring that equipment & tools are always checked, & employees are fully trained on the fire safety.
  • Coordinate well with the accounting, Marketing Department, Sales, HR department to establish the process of managing KPIs s at the Centers to improve employee productivity including teachers & none teachers .
  • Represent Board of Directors to meet customers in case of handling complaints about customer service that beyond the control of the Center staff.
  • Communicate under the orders of the Director to the Centers related to the operating regulations to continuously increase efficiency & change appropriately in each stage of
  • Provide center class forecasting , time table optimization & plan for teachers headcounts in advance to scope business growth ahead
  • Monitoring part time Teachers & None Teachers budgets & Actual Spending to control center P/L
  1. Franchise services
  • Provide training for franchise
  • Train FC staff for the FC model so that the staff can operate the Centers in accordance with ICR standard.
  • Provide inventory for FCs according to the order.
  • Auditing Franchise
  1. Manage customer service.
  • Manage customer service applications to serve online , offline sales channels, Cooperate channel
  • Train the Operation Staff & Center Staff on customer care in center to take care of online & offline customers
  • Monitoring the process of providing online student learning report & lessons through the Online Operation customer care team.
  1. KPIs
  • Active Students Growth
  • Customer Services Tickets Handling
  • SOPs & System Training including :
  • Well onboarding Training
  • Well Development Process
  • Quality Auditing
  • Time Table & Teaching Hours ; Class size optimization
  • Business P/L


REQUIRED SKILLS AND EXPERIENCE for Operation Manager Position

  • Opened for retail system management
  • Excellent System & Analytical Skills
  • Business Analysis knowledge
  • System Knowledge
  • High Adaptability ; Unlearned & Relearned
  • Culture Fit ; able to work & interact well with Foreign Teachers
  • Situational Leadership
  • Flexibility to work at weekend or night shift for auditing conduct
  • Time Management
  • >=10 Years Experiences in similar roles
  • Excellent at Microsoft system
  • Familiar with Cen 2, Call Centers, CRM , Google Drive


BENEFITS for Operation Manager Position

  • Salary: $2000 – $3000, depending on candidate’s ability.
  • More details will be discussed during the interview.

If it suits you & your friends in career path, please send your updated Resume (CV) to or contact via Phone/Viber/Zalo Ms. Victoria Sang: 0918 082 881 Skype ID: Sangrom. For more information and support. Thank you so much. &

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