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5 things must be kept in mind when hiring banking and finance law firms

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1. Lawyers with an in-depth knowledge in banking and finance

Law in banking and finance is a special legal field. It requires lawyers to have an in-depth knowledge of finance & banking as well as the relevant laws. Therefore, hiring a banking and finance lawyer or a banking and finance law firm should be experts in the transaction between banks and companies or individuals. Those lawyers must have a wide range of knowledge in various areas of practice such as: asset finance, acquisition finance, real estate finance, consumer credit, and so on.

2. Entering into a non-disclosure agreement

When finding a banking and finance law firm to support in legal matters relating to financial transactions, an enterprise usually has to provide the lawyer with necessary information, even confidential information which has a great influence on the development of the business. Therefore, entering into a non-disclosure agreement with the lawyers could protect the enterprise from any risks arising due to the violation of such confidential information.

3. Have many years of experiences in finance and banking

In order to be recognised as a banking and finance law firm, years of experience is also a chief factor to reflect on the quality of a law firm practicing in fields of finance and banking. Accordingly, with many years of practice, a well-qualified lawyer could support clients in providing legal advices as well as practical solutions, and representing the clients to litigate before the court in case of arising disputes.

4. Complying with the laws

When seeking support from a banking and finance law firm for legal matters relating to banking and finance, enterprises should keep in mind that compliance with the laws plays an important role in the sustainable development of their business. Therefore, committing wrong acts to receive illegal benefits could threaten the business with several risks, including legal.

5. A well-qualified lawyers in banking and finance must have a practical view about legal matters

A well-qualified lawyer in banking and finance should be a lawyer who can provide clients both the pros and cons of a legal solution as well as their practical point of views relating to those legal matters, which can lead to an efficient and effective solution for their clients.

If you are having difficulty finding a banking law firm in Vietnam, please contact us: P & Associates is a professional law firm established in Vietnam and currently has nearly 100 members working at three offices in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi and Da Nang. P & Associates are also considered to be one of the leading law firms specializing in law on business in Vietnam, which has a number of notable practice fields in the legal market such as Labour and EmploymentBanking LawTaxesPurchases, Selling and Merging, and Litigation. We are confident to be the banking law firm in Vietnam providing clients with legal services optimally and effectively.

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