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Bridge System Engineer - LARION

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 Job Descriptions :
- Work with Japanese customer and Japanese experts to clarify software development requirements in Japanese.
- Translate the clarified requirements into logical, economical and practical system/software designs in English/Vietnamese.
- Analyze and Designs system flow and procedures to ensure optimum control and security of data and efficient use of resources.
- Prepare detailed specifications from which complete sets of programs will be written.
- Perform the role of Quality Assurance throughout development phases (make test cases, review test evidences, collect and analyze Quality data, make report, consider preventive/corrective/improvement actions and follow up the execution of those actions).

- Perform the role of communicator (Japanese -> Vietnamese and vise versa).
- Perform the role of Questions and Answer between JP and VN side, perform ledger management of Specification change.
- Facilitate daily/weekly meeting between Japanese customer and Vietnamese development team.
- Support System installation, User training & system maintenance.
* Job Requirement
- Programming language: .NET / PHP / C/C++ / RoR / Mobile skill is over 2~3 years of experience
- System development experience from design phase through testing phase over 2~3 years
- Have experience in team management as a team leader of a team more than 3 members over 2 - 3 years
- More than 2-3 years of experience as a System Analyst or Bridge System Engineer
- Japanese language skill (equivalent to N1) especially for speaking and listening
- Basic English skill
- Communication skill: can express clearly the problem
- Facilitation skill: can facilitate meeting with customer
- Good working attitude
- Salary: min $1.500

Please send CV through email : or contact me with number: 0903747176 (Dang Thuy Dung)

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