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Discover the best ways to check online network spectrum speed today

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Check the speed of wifi online network, test the speed of spectrum on your laptop phone, check by speedtest internet network 4g ... The ways to test the network speed will be answered for you in this article!

Today, the internet has become an integral part of modern society. One of the most important things for a network connection is knowing the spectrum connection speed. This helps users know the internet connection of their computer like. To check the network speed, please use the ways, software introduced below.

The internet is now an extremely important issue in the daily life and work of each person. Everyone uses their own different network packages to serve their own needs. The network speed test will tell you the parameters related to the network connection such as upload speed, download speed, ping number, real-time graph, ... From there, you will know the network stability. I'm using it to know what I can use on it.

What is the internet connection speed measurement for?

What is the internet connection speed measurement for?

Moreover, from these parameters you will know whether the network speed you use is true to the content of the previously registered package or not. If your wifi, 3G or 4G test stats are right, that's great and you'll be able to use the network with peace of mind. However, in case the network index is not right with what the network provider, you should contact them for answers and support. This is the right of current internet users.

Checking online speed is simple and easy

Currently, there are many ways to test the internet speed that you can use. Here are some simple and easy ways that anyone can manipulate.

Measurements via Command Prompt

Measurements via Command Prompt

Check the network speed wifi network with Command Prompt

    First, open up your computer's search toolbar and then write "cmd". After that, you will see Command Prompt appear.

    Next, open Command Prompt and type "ping" and you're done.

    This will display the parameters related to your internet like bytes (size of the packet), time (delay time), TTL, Lost.

Check network speed online speedtest

One of the most convenient tests for everyone is to use This is an extremely reputable, high quality and reliable website. You can check the speed of 4G network, 3G, wifi according to the following steps.

    Visit the homepage of When entering the interface of the website, you will see the location of your server nearby. This is the recommended location for testing the network connection speed of your computer.

    Next, click on the "Go" and wait for the website to measure the internet connection of your computer.

    After a short while, you should see the parameters appear on the screen including ping, download speed, upload speed. You can rely on the parameters to evaluate the network speed you use.

Test the network connection online with

Test the network connection online with

Note: When you want to check the network speed, wifi should not download or have another computer on the local network using the network. This will ensure the most accurate results. Besides, you can also check on many different servers for the best results.

Network test using Fast page

In addition to Speedtest's website, you can use You just need to access the Fast system, you can see the network speed is how many Mbps. In addition, users can know other parameters such as ping, download speed. In particular, the Fast page also allows you to adjust how to check.

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