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Everything About FIFA 20 SBC | The Cheapest Solution To This Challenge

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  In this guide, we will offer you a cheap and easy solution to completing the FIFA 20 The Whole Nine Yards Squad Building Challenges.

  In fact, FIFA 20 The Whole Nine Yards SBC (Squad Building Challenges) is the third Squad Building Challenge under the Hybrid Leagues header, and if you are not careful enough, you might end up spending far too many FIFA 20 Coins on trying to finish it. Just like this post implies, you need exactly 9 leagues with a minimum of 99 chemistry, but the real issue is the limitations; a maximum of two players from the same league, and at least 6 rare players overall. So far, here is the cheapest solution I can find to the FIFA 20 The Whole Nine Yards SBC. If you are interested, please keep reading:

  Now This Is FIFA 20 The Whole Nine Yards SBC Solution:

  In this game, even though you do not need to use the FIFA 20 loyalty glitch like in some of the other difficult FIFA 20 SBCs, you will still need two-position change modifiers as outlined below in the player list. Now if you have already got those in your Club, which means that you will be able to complete this challenge very easy, but if you still not get those, then you need to head on over to the transfer market and get them as cheaply as you can.

  Sergi Roberto and Iker Casillas, these two players will set you back 2,000 FUT 20 Coins apiece and for David Villa, will cost even more, but apart from those three, Marcano, Suso, and the rest of the players used in this solution are relatively much cheaper. And here is the full list of players in our cheapest solution: 

    ①ST: D. Villa [JPN 1/Spain] - 2,700 coins

    ②RB: S. Roberto [SPA 1/Spain] - 2,000 coins

    ③GK: I. Casillas [POR 1/Spain] - 2,000 coins

    ④RM: Suso [ITA 1/Spain] - 1,800 coins (Need RW to RM for 550 coins)

    ⑤CB: I. Marcano [POR 1/Spain] - 1,800 coins

    ⑥LM: Joaquin [SPA 1/Spain] - 850 coins

    ⑦CDM: C. Fabregas [FRA 1/Spain] - 800 coins

    ⑧CB: J. Mere [GER 1/Spain] - 750 coins

    ⑨LB: Jonny [ENG 1/Spain] - 700 coins (Need LWB - LB for 600 coins)

    ⑩ST: F. Sol [UKR 1/Spain] - 500 coins

    ⑪CDM: L. Milla [SPA 2/Spain] - 400 coins

  The Total FIFA 20 Coins You Spend Is: 15,450

  Please keep in mind that the FIFA 20 transfer market fluctuates wildly and although this was the cheapest solution I could find at this time of writing, the prices might have already increased ever since. So we will keep updating this post as long as we find another better solution.

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