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The Fastest Trains in India

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In today's hectic world there is a need of the moment to get to our destination in the shortest amount of time as possible. Speed is a requirement that is well-served through railways like the Indian Railways in the form of some extremely rapid trains. The fourth-largest network of railways worldwide, the railway network is continuously working on improving and modernizing the system to ensure an improved experience for travelers. In the past increasing the speed of rails resulted in the continuous testing of improving the speed of existing trains , as well as creating new and better versions. Let's take a take a look at the most speedy train in India.

1. Vande Bharat Express

It was first introduced in the year 2019, it is currently the most powerful train operating in India. The engineless train was developed to travel at speeds of 180-160 km/h . It also keeps an average speed of 112 kilometers per hour over the tracks. Train 18, or the Vande Bharat Express, has reduced travel time by about 4 to five hours this is an amazing achievement. It is equipped with 16 coaches that are fully equipped and have Wi-Fi and a GPS systems to keep train on track with stations. The train also has bio-vacuum toilets, automated doors as well as security cameras. It is believed to serve as the replacement to the Shatabdi express, and is expected to take over its predecessor. The train was developed as part of the Make in India Initiative.

Maximum Speed 180km/h. Average Speed 112 km/hr

2. Tejas Express

This semi-high-speed train can reach the highest rate of 162 km/h, and an average speed of around 110 km/h. The train runs on three routes: Mumbai CST to Karmali Goa, New Delhi to Chandigarh along with Lucknow up to Anand Vihar. The latter two routes were temporarily shut down in November of 2020 due to the insufficient number of passengers due to the COVID-19 epidemic. The service was reopened in February. This train is equipped with executive chairs cars equipped with LCD screens as well as the attendant's call button as well as an USB charging station. There are also vending machines, beverage machines security cameras, beverages, and luggage pick-up facilities. They even have offered compensation to passengers for each minute that the train is delayed.

* Maximum Speed of 162 km/h Average. Speed: 110 km/hr

3. Gatimaan Express

This Luxury High-Speed Train has an maximum speed of 160 km/h. It covers the 188-kilometer distance from Delhi as well as Agra in only 100 minutes. It is equipped with intriguing features, including the automatic alarm for smoke, an emergency brake and free Wi-Fi. It also has bio-toilets, free Wi-Fi and two restaurants, as well as hostesses and train hosts.

* Maximum Speed 160 km/h

4. New Delhi - Bhopal Shatabdi Express

The Shatabdi trains first came into service in 1988 to mark the birthday day of Jawaharlal Nehru, the very first Premier of India. The Shatabdi train is capable of the max speed of 150 km/h, and it runs every day. It is among the most efficient trains operating in India which covers 700 km starting from Habibganj up to New Delhi and back. It features 18 air-conditioned passenger cars, as well as meals included with the cost.

Max Speed 150 km/h

5. Mumbai - New Delhi Rajdhani Express

The train operates at speeds of 140 km/h, making it among the most speedy trains operating in India. It covers 1384 km. It is equipped with 20 coaches. In the class of Rajdhani express trains, this one has the highest speed. This train, the Kanpur Reverse Shatabdi also has the same speed, but it is only 437 kilometers . It was designed to ease the burden of passengers traveling on the Lucknow Shatabdi Express.

* Maximum Speed 140 km/h

6. New Delhi - Howrah Rajdhani Express

The train is one of the most popular trains that run from Kolkata between Kolkata and New Delhi. It travels 1450 km between the capital city and New Delhi, the joy city, at the maximum speed of 135 km/h, and speeds of around 85 km/h. It was among the very first train services in India to be air-conditioned and equipped with Wi-Fi. It serves as a connection between several religious places like Gaya as well as Allahabad.

* Maximum Speed 135 km/hr

7. Sealdah Duronto Express

The train that is a competitor to the Howrah Rajdhani Express also runs at a speed at 135 km/h. It is renowned because of its distinctive yellow and green dress which provides the train with a stunning appearance. It covers 1452 km in just 17 hours, with just one or two stops along the route. The train serves meals and refreshments due to the vast distance it covers.

Max Speed 135 km/hr

8. H Nizamuddin - Bandra Garib Rath

Also called known as the Garib Rath Express, this fully air-conditioned train was created to offer a cheap and comfortable journey for passengers. Although the berths have a smaller width than other trains, they offer more seating and berths more than other trains in India. It is capable of reaching the speed of 130 km/h and cover 1367 km in only 16 hours, while keeping it at an average speed of around 80 km/h.

* Maximum Speed 130 km/hr

9. Mumbai Central - Ahmedabad AC Double Decker Express

This distinctive double-decker train is in the Shatabdi class of trains. It has the maximum speed of 130 km/h, and the average of 67 km/h. It's also the first train in the world to endorse the brand of a company in India by having its exteriors covered in vinyl wraps that feature ads. Since its introduction in 2012 and has been operating seven days a week, starting from Mumbai to Ahmedabad covering nearly 500 kilometers.

* Maximum Speed 130 km/h

10. Maharastra Sampark Kranti Express

The bi-weekly train is among of the most powerful trains in India which first began operating in 2004. It is able to run at a rate of 110 km/h while only stopping at 3 stops and covering a total distance of 1367 kilometers , including H.Nizamuddin (Delhi), Kota Junction, Vadodara Junction, Borivali along with Bandra Terminus.

* Maximum Speed 110 km/h

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