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How to Improve Business Writing skill

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You may have been write on the job all the time : advice to clients, memos to executives, a steady stream of e-mails to colleagues. But how do you ensure that your writing is as clear and effective as possible? How do you make your communication stand out? What the experts say. Managers who work too long may think that improving writing is a tedious or even boring job. But knowing how to design an interesting and smart sentence is essential for effective communication, winning business and making yourself stand out. 

Think before you write. Before putting your pen on paper or your hands on the keyboard, think about what you want to say. "The mistake many people make is that they start writing prematurely," says Garner. "They think about their own ideas while writing, which makes their writing less structured, tortuous and repetitive". Ask yourself: After reading this email, proposal or report, "Take a step back and spend more time organizing your thoughts" Blackburn suggested.

Be Straightforward

Make your point from the beginning. Many people find that the writing style and structure they develop in school is not applicable in the corporate world. "A major ailment of business writing is to postpone your message during the writing process" Garner said. By presenting your main points succinctly first, you can save time and sharpen your arguments before diving into most of your writing. When writing longer memos and proposals, Ghana suggested that the problem and proposed solution should be stated in the form of "no more than 150 words" at the top of the first page. "Master the knack of summarizing", he said. "If your beginning is not good, then the whole copy will not be good either".

Read what you have written

Stand at the reader's point of view. Are your views clear and well structured? Are the sentences concise and clear? Blackburn recommends reading the paragraph aloud. "This is where the flaws are exposed: the gaps in your argument, the awkward sentences, the part with two extra paragraphs"; he said. And don’t be afraid to invite a colleague or friend, or better yet, invite several colleagues and friends to edit your work. Your comments are welcome; don’t be disgusted. "Editing is an act of friendship", Garner said. "This is not an act of aggression".

 Principles to remember:


  • plan what you are going to say so that your writing is more direct and effective.
  • Use words carefully and keep sentences short and direct.
  • Avoid jargon and "fancy" words. Instead, strive for clarity.


  • Arguing that you just can't write. Anyone can become a better writer through practice.
  • Imagine that your first draft is perfect and even acceptable. Each file can be improved.
  • Bury your arguments. Present your main idea as soon as possible.

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    There are a number of ways to improve your writing skills about business. Perhaps the most important thing to do is to be clear and concise. Make sure that your meaning is unambiguous and that you get straight to the point. Another helpful tip is to use active voice which will make your writing more dynamic and easier to understand. Finally you can click here to watch some outstanding images and remember to proofread your work before you send it out - even a small mistake can reflect badly on you and your company.

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