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Simpana® Software Solutions introduction to your Data Manager!

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Protect, manage, search and access data across the enterprise

Modernize your data protection and management operations without the complexity of multiple point products and silos, and discover the unparalleled advantages of Singular Information Management.

Single-platform Simpana® software takes a holistic approach to data management with a flexible and extensible architecture that helps enterprises reduce risk, improve operational efficiencies, cut costs and derive more value from their data and information.

Customized data management solutions are available to fit the unique needs of your enterprise, and help:

  • Cut storage-related costs by up to 50 percent
  • Reduce administrative overhead by up to 80 percent
  • Lower aggregated annual support costs by up to 35 percent

Innovative Solutions for Your Unique Needs

Data Protection

Data Protection

Improve recovery times, reduce risk, complexity and cost and enhance operations across all platforms and tiers, including heterogeneous disk, tape and cloud locations.

Modernize Your Data Protection to Reduce Costs, Risk and Complexity

Modernize Your Data Protection to Reduce Costs, Risk and Complexity

Rapid data growth, expanding virtual server deployments, budgetary pressures, and demands for faster, easier data retrieval are further complicating already broken legacy backup and recovery methods.
Simpana® software and its market-leading innovations help enterprises conquer these data protection challenges with less cost, risk and complexity.

With a single software solution, you can efficiently protect, capture, move, retain, analyze, recover and access your data and information across any storage tier. We call this Modern Data Protection and it will allow your enterprise to:

  • Minimize downtime with application-aware, point-in-time recovery ofMicrosoft Exchange Server®, SharePoint®, SQLOracleDB2,VMwareHyper-V, File Systems and other business critical applications
  • Simplify and automate the management of hardware snapshots,backup and replication copies across the industry’s widest range of storage array compatibility without complex scripting
  • Reduce storage costs with automated snapshot backup to open systems disk, tape or even the cloud for long-term retention
  • Improve backup performance by 50%, eliminate the need for expensive upgrades by cutting network traffic for backup jobs by up to 90% and reduce storage requirements for backup by up to 90% with source-side deduplication
  • Automate snapshot and backup reporting to significantly reduce response times for an internal or external audit
  • Protect hundreds of virtual machines in minutes, and scale to easily protect thousands across the enterprise with certified reference architectures
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