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When you decide to have a baby, health insurance may be not in your priority list. However if you consider how to pay your medical bills, health insurance will become an important factor of your family’s plan. The nature of insurance aims to cover a person for the risks of health they can not foresee, so the maternity benefit is included in the health insurance plan and has a waiting period in order to start. (You cannot use the maternity benefit if you are already pregnant). There are many options when buying insurance and it is important to understand the rules of the insurance so you get the most out of it.

Which health insurance should you buy? First of all, you should try and determine what your needs are, what your budget is, and who in your family should be included? How much do you need to visit doctor in the pregnancy period, or delivery? Your new born child should be covered or not? Which services you can pay yourself, which ones should be covered by Insurance Company? Some companies cover for delivery only, not for visiting doctor in the pregnancy period and not for the new born child. Another covers maternity benefits with co-payment terms, this mean the insurance will only cover a percentage of the costs, not all the costs, normally 80%. One tip is that you can arrange a free insurance for your new born child if the parents have insurance. Some insurers add this free benefit for new born child until the Insured’s renewal date. This benefit may be similar to your benefit, and help you save money to care for your child.

The second thing you should consider is the waiting period for maternity. The waiting period means you have to have the insurance policy for several months before you can become pregnant, normally 3 months depending on the insurance company. This means you can become pregnant after 3 months after buying the insurance and the insurance will cover the medical costs of your pregnancy. Understanding clearly the waiting period and benefits will help you choose a perfect plan, avoid misunderstanding and give you peace of mind to enjoy your pregnancy and not worry about medical costs.

Finally you should consider between your health insurance and budget. Health insurance will cover for treatment due to disease, accidents, hospitalization, surgery , clinic visits & emergency treatment, dental, maternity, health check ups and vaccinations as well as having access to 24/7 medical assistance. You can also go to any hospital you choose making sure you focus on the best treatment not the cheapest treatment. All insurance agreements are for 12 months, not refund premium and can be renewed each year. Health insurance has two main parts: obligatory benefits and optional benefits. Obligatory benefits include hospitalization, emergency treatment, accident cover and major illnesses. Optional benefits include clinic visits, dental, maternity, medical check-up and vaccination.… You should consider your priority, which is necessary, which is not, which benefit level suitable for you to get the right health insurance for your needs. It is always best to deal with a company you trust.

If you need more information about health insurance, please contact to Blue Cross Vienam. We will contact you soon and help you understand insurance before you consider to buy.

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