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TMA Solutions- Đợt tuyển dụng tháng 10 & 11/2013

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   TMA is the leading software
outsourcing company in Vietnam
with more than 1400+ engineers. With more than 16 years of experience in
providing software services for many world leading companies such as Nortel
(Canada), Avaya, Alcatel-Lucent (USA), IBM, Oracle (USA), Juniper Networks,
Flextronics, Genband, NTT (Japan), Toshiba, NEC, Andrew, TELUS … We have built
a strong technical and management team that can handle large and complex
projects. Our people were selected from top Universities in Vietnam and
overseas, and 40% of them have overseas experience. Our mission is to build a
Vietnamese brand name in the world software outsourcing industry.

Here are the current open positions at TMA:

1. Senior .NET Developer

Job Description

- Participate in product and out-sourcing project development

- Design and implement for medium/large systems, include front end, Web
Services, database

- Perform system analysis, propose solution and technical design

- Communicate with customer for solving technical issues

- Mentoring/training developers on related technologies

Required skills/Experience

- Bachelors’ degree in Information Systems or related fields

- Strong knowledge and experience in Web programming with .NET Framework
3.5/4.0, MVC, Entity framework

- Good knowledge and experience in Javascript, HTML/HTML5/CSS

- Good at database design (MS SQL, My SQL and Oracle)

- Experienced in design and architecture of medium & large-scaled web-based

- Good English communication

- Experience in WCF, WIF, Silverlight, MS Biztalk, and SharePoint is a PLUS

Years of experiences: 3-5 years

2. Java Developer

Job Description

We are looking for Java developers working on applications
which deliver network management solutions for Wireless, Switching &
Routing, DSL and Fiber-based Broadband Access products.

Main tasks:

-  Feature
development (including analysis and design)

-  Maintenance
(bug fixing)

Candidates will have
opportunities to co-work with foreign teams in US and India.

Required skills/Experience Notes:

-  Java
& OOP are mandatory by default

-  Should
have over one year of experience on at least two skills from the followings

Spring (IOC, DI, AOP, Servlet)

Multi-threading programming

Design Patterns


J2EE (nice to have)

JMS (nice to have)

Restful web-services (nice to have)

Years of experiences: Over 1 year of experience


3. Senior PHP Developers

Job Description

Analyze, conceptualize, design and develop creative projects;

Perform testing, optimization and debugging;

Required skills/Experience

Must have a minimum 3+ years experience with web technologies including
PHP,HTML, Javascript, MySQL, Code Versioning (SVN, GIT etc,Zend Framework 1+2,
Amazon Web Services;

- Experience with Perl, Node.JS and NoSQL databases would be an advantage;

- Experience with CSS3, jQuery (and jQuery Mobile) would be an advantage;

- Experience with Joomla, Wordpress would be an advantage;


- Outstanding problem solving skills

- Excellent communication skills; both verbal and written;

- Can work towards and meet deadlines;

- Strong organization skills;

- Effective time management

Years of experiences: 3+ years experience

4. Mobile Developer

Job Description

Participating in developing mobile applications for multiple platforms (iOS,
Android, Tizen…) for US customers with a big mobile team and newest


• Analyze change requests or new features

• Propose technical solutions to the change requests or new features

• Develop the changes/features to meet proposed solutions as well as business

• Write unit tests

• Participate into daily discussion with other team members, QCs and customer
to solve assigned tasks or technical issues.

• Daily report the work to customer and project leader

Required skills/Experience

- Have deeply knowledge about OOP, MVC

- Experience on at least one of languages (Objective-C, Android, HTML5 &

- Have good problem solving skill.

- Quickly adapt with new technologies

- Have experience with PhoneGap, Sencha Touch, BackboneJS, Tizen, jQuery Mobile, Enyo is a plus.

- Good at English (TOEIC 500+ or equivalent)

Years of experiences: 1+ years

5. Chip Design Engineer

Job Description

We are seeking an experienced Engineer working in ASIC design. The successful
candidate will join an exciting team working in the forefront of developing
tools for Cancer detection and Genome Sequencing. He will be required to
satisfy the following criteria:

Required skills/Experience

Essential Critera:

• Three or more years working experience in ASIC design with VHDL.

• A high level of fluency in English.

• An open, inquisitive mind and interest in learning new skills.

• Demonstratable leadership skills.

Desirable Critera:

1. A detailed knowledge and demonstable experience in Xilinx chip architecture,
and the following Xilinx tools: ISE, XST, Chipscope, ISIM, MAP, PAR, Coregen,
and MIG.

2. A detailed knowledge of Linux, and Linux software development (C/C++, gcc,
perl, make, etc).

3. A detailed knowledge of PCI-E design, and the Xilinx PCI-E core.

4. A detailed knowledge of DDR3 design, and the Xilinx DDR3 core.

5. A working knowledge of Verilog.

6. A detailed knowledge of Modelsim for mixed VHDL/Verilog simulation.

7. A knowledge or interest in Biology, or Bio-informatics.

Years of experiences: 3+ years

6. SEO Specialist

Job Description

- Create SEO strategy to post/maintain defined keywords on top of major search
engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo

- Work with IT technical support staff to update the websites

- Write powerful SEO content for blogs and websites.

- Compile and present SEO performance reports

Required skills/Experience

- SEO techniques

- SEO content writing

Years of experiences: At least 2 years of experience in SEO

7. Telecom / network

Job Description

Work on a product or solution in telecom /
network area which is huge in term of features, functionality, performance and
capacity as well as the real size of lab

Do test plan test case development for features
and functionalities of the DUT/SUT (device under test / system under test)

Do test plan test case enhancement for
regression test

Do lab preparation including commission,
provision, datafill, migration/upgrade, test tool setup, etc… for components
under test

Do test execution

Report defects and communicate with architects
and programmers in all over the world regarding the defects or technical stuffs

Work with the customer or coordinators on
related documents supporting the job such as test strategy, feature high level
design, feature requirement, feature specification, test plan, etc..

Verify software release exit metric for
customer’s deliverable

Required skills/Experience

Pre-intermediate in English (TOEIC ~ 550)

Background on both telecom and network, or very strong
knowledge on a single area of network or telecom

Years of experiences: Not required, but experienced
working/studying in Japan
is an advantage

8. Training Coordinator

Job Description

- Duties:

Establish requirements and coordinate training
for the company

Establish and maintain the relationship with

Make and implement marketing plan for all
training activities

Provide assistance and administrative support in
the planning, organization and implementation of training

Oversee the logistics and administration of the
training events, such as the registration process, maintaining training
schedule, audiovisual equipment, and classroom assignments.

Work location: TMA
Tower, Quang Trung
Software City,
District 12, HCMC

Required skills/Experience

Education required: Bachelors degree or
equivalent work experience


Like to work in training field and commit to
work long term

Good communication, presentation and problem
solving skills

Fluent in written and spoken English

Ability to work under high pressure and manage
many tasks at the same time

Good at MS Office

Having knowledge or experienced in IT and
marketing is a plus

Years of experiences: Preferable to experienced

If you are interested in above positions, please send us your resume, job
application (English) and a copy of your certificates

For more information, contact us by:

Email :

or : 111 Nguyễn Đình Chính, W.15, Phú Nhuận D.

Tel : 3990 3848 - Ext: 5912/5886/ 5881

Website :

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