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Trade Marketing Manager

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We are looking for an experienced Trade Marketing Managers to drive the success of effective marketing and promotional activities of the company. An ideal candidate is an exemplary team leader, is very strategic, knows the market and consumers well, and has experience driving growth.

Role purpose:

You will be responsible for planning and implementing In-store visibility standard and other trade and promotion activities. You will be also accountable for trade marketing program and plans.

Key responsibilities:



Deliver sales volume and gross sales value.


Manage GTN (trade spending) and product mix to deliver net sales & gross margin targets.


Manage Trade A&P within the given budget to deliver Opex target.


Increase market share, distribution, visibility and space share of Bel’s portfolio.

Category & Trade Insights


Track and understand category, channel & customer trends and the company’s performance in Bel’s category for all SKUs.


Gather information on trade & customers to generate insights as input to forward plans.


Develop category strategy for key channels and/or key customers following provided frameworks.


Monitor field information and trends in the markets, customers, products, prices and competitor’s activity.

Revenue Growth Management


Determine channel trade spending strategy to deliver targets. Manages and monitors channel, region and key customer trade investment. Ensure efficiency of the trade investment of both GTN and A&P follow trade spending playbook.


Lead and develop national and regional effective promotions. Maximize the ROI of each promotion program via an effective promotion evaluation process.

Route to Market _ Distribution


Consult in determining Route to Market (RTM) and Distribution Assessment.


Develop programs to develop new channel that is linked to the sales and distribution strategy.


Lead or co-lead marketing and trade activities which are included activation, new product launch, consumer promotion, trade promotion, display program in stores to drive maximum benefits & objectives of such activities. Analyze the impact of the activities for assessment and evaluation.

Integrated Business Planning


Ensure marketing tools and resources are provided to the channels to increase brand visibility and thereby achieve business objectives.


Develop category / channel KPIs, identify opportunities and risks and communicate via scorecard.


Ensure speed to market on innovation including NPD, events, promotions, and POSM.


Conduct regular field execution check and provide timely feedback to internal and external stakeholders

What you will bring:

To be successful in this role, you need to have a degree in the relevant field with minimum 5 years of trade marketing experience in modern trade and general trade channels in Vietnam with an international FMCG, dairy or food. You have proven leadership skills and are experienced in developing new promotional and trade offer schemes. Good analyzing large amounts of data and trends. Ability to think critically and creatively with proficiency in both Vietnamese and English languages.

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    Millie Nories

    The Trade Marketing Manager supports the marketing team by providing in-depth knowledge of the trade and industry specific marketing needs. The Trade Marketing Manager is responsible for identifying and understanding the unique needs of the trade, developing strategies to meet those needs, and implementing those strategies with appropriate resources. Finally, I have got a writer here who will assist me in my essay on time.

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