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Web Developer at Ho Chi Minh, Hue

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Global Outsource Solutions Pty
Ltd (GOS) - - was launched in 2009 by Greg Armstrong after he moved to
Vietnam to explore business opportunities in the IT Services and Website
Development space.

We are heavily focused in ecommerce (specifically with the Magento
Commerce platform) and custom application development (real estate
search portals, identification systems). Whether we build your
electronic shop front or outsource part or all of your web application
development, we have the skills to meet all your challenges. We can
offer in-house design resources but the majority of our work is focussed
on the website or App. building.


  • Develop work packages on time, to a high standard and to client’s expectations.
  • Fully document work so that it can be maintained by colleagues.
  • Adhere to department policies, procedures, guidelines and best practice initiatives.
  • Contribute to the team by sharing new ideas and technologies in meetings.
  • Accurately record your time spent on projects and communicate your progress made on tasks.
  • Take part in monthly one to one meetings with Web Development Team Leader.
  • Work closely with other developers within department to ensure effective reusability.
  • Work closely with project managers to clarify specifications and provide accurate estimations.
  • Work closely with a range of stakeholders to ensure client satisfaction.


  • 2 - 3 Years Web Development Experience (Minimum).
  • Required Skill Set:
    • HTML 4/5, XHTML
    • CSS 2/3
    • JavaScript, AJAX, JSON
    • XML, XSLT
    • Zend Framework
    • Magento
    • Wordpress

We have a strong focus in ecommerce (Magento), Wordpress, web applications, mobile websites and mobile apps.

We offer:

  • An attractive profit sharing program.
  • 5 days Christmas holiday.
  • Team building activities.
  • Quarterly company competitions with cool prizes like iPad Mini.
  • Annual company trip.

If you are looking for an
exciting new challenge, want to work in a fun, friendly, collaborative
and rewarding environment on some of Australia's best projects for some
big brands then we would like to talk with you.

Explore the opportunity. Seize the moment and make contact today!Company size: 50-99.

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