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What Are The Dangers Of Rock Climbing?

Whether done outdoor or indoor, rock climbing can be a fun sport, but many people are afraid of taking up the sport because of the risk involved. But how dangerous is rock climbing? Is it as dangerous as it seems?

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    Karim Patel

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Digital Marketing Manager in e-commerce with challenges


Urgently looking for Digital Marketing Manager in Hanoi for a FMCG Ecommerce company. 

Job description

1. Digital Marketing Management

- Plan and budget for yearly/quarterly/monthly
digital marketing activities; Develop
and manage digital marketing campaigns that deliver on our brand's
communication objectives

- Partner with digital team or selected agency to
reach our target audience

- Create digital content that will support
brand positioning while supporting SEO goals in term with developing a steady
digital marketing system; Build up and optimize advertising tools as Google
ads, Facebook ads…

2. Social Media Management

- Oversee all communication through DST social
media pages; Build up and manage contents on official social pages such as
website, fan page, YouTube as well as satellite pages such as bloggers,

- Manage email/SMS/mobile marketing.

3. Make research and analyses digital marketing
methods of competitors, make research on market and customer insight; and
propose suitable marketing plans.

4. Frequently update new trends on marketing

5. Marketing Human Resources Management:
Building KPI, evaluation, training on marketing team

Please send your CV to or check for more information.

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New Vacancy in Games Online - Product Manager (Games Online)

Please see the link for more information for Product Manager (Games Online) -

 Should you are interesting in this position, please send information to or 0909552796 - Thuy

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    Jordan Hlopino

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    William Wilkerson

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What function does rural education play in the development of rural children?

The most crucial tool for progress is education. No one becomes a better person without it. Education encompasses more than just the three R's; it also include reading, writing, and comprehension. It is also thought that education is the most potent weapon for becoming more peaceful and civilized. Any person's hidden potential can be realized to its full extent through education.

Education is the best investment a country can make in its inhabitants in terms of guaranteeing their future. Many youngsters do not receive adequate schooling, which can obstruct their growth. Our children must be well-educated in order to flourish as individuals and to pass on the necessary knowledge to future generations. Education is the only way to make a community stronger and healthier. It is the most powerful building block in the development process.


To grow our country, we must first develop its youth and children, which can only be accomplished via education, as children are the center of our community. The question now is whether education is vital in and of itself, or whether it is a whole and soul for progress.

People can improve their fortunes and living conditions through education. It aids people in accomplishing their professional objectives. It also improves a person's logical reasoning, analytic, and critical thinking skills, allowing them to work more effectively for themselves and their children. Rural Education allows people to find better occupations and develops a strategy for long-term economic growth for current and future generations. In order to advance and obtain stability, education is critical in governing, aware people.

 It is impossible to expect a brighter future or growth without education. Education takes people onto a path that leads to a better profession and future. Schools, universities, and other educational institutions have opened to provide high-quality education. As a result, it is our responsibility to send our children to these institutions in order for them to have a brighter future. Better education is required to advance in life and achieve success. Orphan children's needs are also met in order for them to receive an education.

Our experts from REWAD Trust, the best NGO in Tamilnadu, have stated unequivocally that improved education is essential for anyone to advance in life and achieve success. It boosts self-esteem and aids in the development of a person's personality. Orphan children receive free food, shelter, medical care, education, and other fundamental necessities.

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    Rosalie Steame

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Play the most popular horror game Five Nights at Freddy's

Five Nights at Freddy's is a series of frightening video games in which the player takes on the role of a security guard at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, a family restaurant and arcade, at night. Warner Bros. has purchased the filmmaking rights.

The first game in the Fnaf series was released in 2014, marking the series' beginning. Following that, a total of 13 FNAF games were released. There are nine more traditional stories and four spin-offs. Over the course of these 13 games, players have had the opportunity to learn a lot about the world beyond the animatronics and surveillance cameras.

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Pattern makers and merchandisers need

Looking for a number of pattern makers and merchandisers for
the Technology center of a big garment corporation coming from Korea.

Attractive benefits offered. Working place: My Dinh – Ha Noi. Please send CVs to

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    denica prase

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What are Social Media Jobs?

So everyone is talking about being a social media manager and getting paid to do jobs on Facebook and Twitter, but what exactly are Social Media Jobs?

As you probably know, more and more businesses are trying to get a presence on Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. You may well have noticed some businesses from your local area creating creating Facebook fanpages and putting advertisements on Facebook, or uploading videos to YouTube.

These are all examples of social media marketing and more and more businesses are shifting their marketing budgets in this direction. That’s all well and good I can hear you saying, but…..

How Does This Make Me Money?Well that is a very good question, because whether you realize it or not, most businesses (including the ones in your local area) who are starting to use social media marketing in their business are hiring people just like you to do the work on a part time basis from home!

Yes that is right, you can get paid to work from home managing the Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts of businesses.

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    charli smith

    So everyone is talking about being a social media manager and getting paid to do jobs on Facebook and Twitter, but what exactly are Social Media Jobs?

    As you probably know, more and more businesses are trying to get a presence on Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. You may well have noticed some businesses from your local area creating creating Facebook fanpages and putting advertisements on Facebook, or uploading videos to YouTube.

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    charli smith

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