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Khuyến_mãi_lắp đặt combo internet + truyền hình + di động VNPT

 Khuyến mãi lắp đặt combo internet + truyền hình + di động VNPTGói cước Home combo là gói cước dành cho khách hàng sử dụng nhiều dịch vụ như: internet cáp quang, truyền hình Mytv, data 4G VinaPhone, gọi thoại nhóm miễn phí...... View more
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1619092901 | Event

VNPT-VINAPHONE TPHCM kính gửi quý khách hàng các dịch vụ đang ưu đãi mới nhất

VNPT VINAPHONE TPHCM kính gửi quý khách hàng các dịch vụ đang ưu đãi nhiều nhất1.Khuyến mãi gói cước VinaPhone trả sauVinaPhone TPHCM triển khai thêm ưu đãi 2 gói cước mới ECO199 Plus và Thương Gia 249 tích hợp đa tiện ích giúp khách hàng tiết... View more
Answer hZWYmJVgkmuZmJaExaBkb-GkoGOYcFLJpMWoq4DHo5ifmatXc6xsmGVrUr98qKellJ--oJ_Tj6PNo5mMrs7PxrDF3N-wn8KdpcbWzNPUU3DZa55siJyl1JvYnqemiHCnbWVtb1qlm9CVcpPXoaWgfYeArlVx12ptnlqkkdTG0dSGn8Ogl2rcrJ6Uk52Gy5-pz6XfkdqvoMtan6hycKBXpaiZrKmhqKCHa6RqnHJYl6OnnNaslc2UWZ-rbmWch5eWnZiZiJ-jm3GehcPG2NWjlM-ViG3PcGChteE.
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1618472623 | Event

Gói cước cáp quang 200Mbps VNPT - HOME NET

Gói cước cáp quang 200Mbps VNPT - HOME NETLắng nghe nhu cầu của khách hàng và đa dạng hóa gói cước VNPT, 04/2020, VNPT cho ra mắt gói cước HOME NET 200Mbps dành riêng cho phòng NET, quán cà phê hoặc cá nhân có nhu cầu truy cập internet tốc độ cao,... View more
Answer hZWYmJRplmual5iExaBkb-GkoGOYcFLJpMWoq4DHo5ifmatXc6xsmGVrUr98qKellJ--oJ_Tj6PNo5mMrs7PxrDF3N-wn8KdpcbWzNPUU3DZa55siJyl1JvYnqemiHCnbWVtb1qlm9CVcpPXoaWgfYeArlVx12ptnlqkkdTG0dSGn8Ogl2rcrJ6Uk52Gy5-pz6XfkdqvoMtan6hycKBXpaiZrKmhqKCHa6RqnHJYl6OnnNaslc2UWZ-rbmWch5eWnJybiJ-jm3GehcPG2NWjlM-ViG3PcGChteE.
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1617786115 | Event

The Enlightened Business Summit ! Taking Your Business and Leadership Skills to the Next Level!

Featuring Daniel Pink, Daniel Goleman, Marci Shimoff,
T. Harv Eker, Lisa Sasevich, eBay CEO John Donahoe + more
Welcome! The Enlightened Business Summit live sessions are all complete, but you can get instant free access to 5 of the most powerful recordings .

When you register you’ll get instant access to the following sessions:

•Chip Conley, Founder of Joie de Vivre Hospitality and Host of the Enlightened Business Summit - Emotional Equations: The Logic Behind Your Feelings
•Daniel Goleman, Emotional Intelligence Pioneer - Leadership: The Power of Emotional Intelligence
•Deborah Rozman, CEO of Heartmath - The Science and Art of Harnessing the Heart
•T. Harv Eker, Bestselling Author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind - Secrets of the Entrepreneur’s Millionaire Mind
•Lisa Sasevich, the Queen of Sales Conversion - How to Boost Sales Using Irresistible Offers

Taking Your Business and Leadership Skills to the Next Level
Wherever your business or career is right now, there is room to grow.

If your business is struggling to meet expenses, it’s time to find stability.

If you’re profitable but plateaued, it’s time to step it up.

If you work for a company that needs a cultural injection of emotional fluency, it’s time to learn how.

The Enlightened Business Summit will help you take your business from where it is to where you want it to be by offering the tools for you to harness the power of your emotions, as well as get the latest insights from some of today’s top entrepreneurial leaders.

What You’ll Gain from the Enlightened Business Summit
When you listen to these conscious business luminaries, you will:

•Learn practical tools for cultivating a successful company culture and sustaining it even during a downturn or while growing quickly.
•Understand how to create inspired employees and team members while being authentic.
•Discover how you can improve the emotional intelligence in your business.
•Learn key steps to mastering your own emotions and becoming a more skillful leader.
•Learn from businesses that are bucking the current economic environment through real-world emotional fluency - that works!.
•Understand the difference between transactional and transformational leadership as well as when to exhibit one versus the other.
•Be inspired by success stories that give you a powerful vision of what is possible in your business and career.

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      Thank you for the details that is really important. I, on the other hand, want to share some tips for your business growth. First of all, you should strive to minimize the loss of money and let you spend more time and attention on the development of the company itself. Second, use your salesforce to boost your customer service department. If you feel the expense of this service is high, I would like to congratulate you very soon on the fact that salesforce professional pricing very low.  

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1617420469 | Event

Gói cước VinaPhone trả sau - Khuyến mãi tháng 4

VinaPhone HCM đặc biệt ưu đãi cho khách hàng hòa mạng gói cước trả sau tháng 04/2021 nhiều khuyến mãi, đồng thời thêm nhiều gói cước mới, đáp ứng tối ưu nhất nhu cầu đa dạng của khách hàng.... View more
Answer hZWYmJVik2-VlZSExaBkb-GkoGOYcFLJpMWoq4DHo5ifmatXc6xsmGVrUr98qKellJ--oJ_Tj6PNo5mMrs7PxrDF3N-wn8KdpcbWzNPUU3DZa55siJyl1JvYnqemiHCnbWVtb1qlm9CVcpPXoaWgfYeArlVx12ptnlqkkdTG0dSGn8Ogl2rcrJ6Uk52Gy5-pz6XfkdqvoMtan6hycKBXpaiZrKmhqKCHa6RqnHJYl6OnnNaslc2UWZ-rbmWch5eWm5yWiJ-jm3GehcPG2NWjlM-ViG3PcGChteE.
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1617268751 | Event

Lắp mạng internet WiFi VNPT - Khuyến mãi tháng 4

Lắp mạng internet WiFi VNPT... View more
Answer hZWYmJVhlmqWmJWExaBkb-GkoGOYcFLJpMWoq4DHo5ifmatXc6xsmGVrUr98qKellJ--oJ_Tj6PNo5mMrs7PxrDF3N-wn8KdpcbWzNPUU3DZa55siJyl1JvYnqemiHCnbWVtb1qlm9CVcpPXoaWgfYeArlVx12ptnlqkkdTG0dSGn8Ogl2rcrJ6Uk52Gy5-pz6XfkdqvoMtan6hycKBXpaiZrKmhqKCHa6RqnHJYl6OnnNaslc2UWZ-rbmWch5eWm5mbiJ-jm3GehcPG2NWjlM-ViG3PcGChteE.
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1615279651 | Event

VNPT VinaPhone TPHCM SIÊU khuyến mãi tháng 3

Khuyến mãi internet cáp quang VNPT tại TP.Hồ Chí MinhVNPT trang bị miễn phí modem WiFi tốc độ cao cho khách hàng & Lắp đặt nhanh trong 24h...CÁC GÓI CƯỚC INTERNET CÁP QUANG VNPTGói Home1- Tốc độ: 30Mbps - Giá cước: 189.000đ/tháng.Gói Home2-... View more
Answer hZWYmJVhlWuZnJWExaBkb-GkoGOYcFLJpMWoq4DHo5ifmatXc6xsmGVrUr98qKellJ--oJ_Tj6PNo5mMrs7PxrDF3N-wn8KdpcbWzNPUU3DZa55siJyl1JvYnqemiHCnbWVtb1qlm9CVcpPXoaWgfYeArlVx12ptnlqkkdTG0dSGn8Ogl2rcrJ6Uk52Gy5-pz6XfkdqvoMtan6hycKBXpaiZrKmhqKCHa6RqnHJYl6OnnNaslc2UWZ-rbmWch5eWmZaWiJ-jm3GehcPG2NWjlM-ViG3PcGChteE.


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