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How about KillerPapers pricing?

Killer Papers costs between $25 and $27 per page. Killer Papers is not the Costco for writing services. Look elsewhere if you are looking for the best prices for your paper. However, be aware that the lowest prices can only be obtained from a foreign essay writer service. Low rates won't be accepted by Canadians and Americans (whose living costs are much higher than in India). Another side note: Pricing is often advertised on other websites at $9 per page. This is often done to get your attention. The hidden fees will be more apparent the deeper you get into the ordering process. Their prices are about the same as Killer Papers or any other service.
Pricing for Killer Papers is based on 3-4 days notice.
What are you getting for your higher price?
Killer Papers offers a bidding process where students can receive up to three bids for a project. Students can speak with the bidders, ask them questions, and get clarification before placing an order. We haven't seen this with other companies, where you pay for the writer and they choose you.
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1674657263 | Other

Recommend a moving company in Boston for moving to San Francisco

After many years of living in Boston, it now became necessary to move to San Francisco. I have relatives living there and I want to be near them more. And then it's very cool to live near the Pacific Ocean. And here in Boston I already have nothing to catch. There are many valuable things and furniture. You need to order a good company that will help you move a long distance. Who can be contacted?

Answer6 hZWYnZhmlnKZmZKExaBkb-GkoGOYcFLJpMWoq4DHo5ifmatXc6xsmGVrUr98qKellJ--oJ_Tj6PNo5mMrs7PxrDF3N-wn8KdpcbWzNPUU3DZa55siJyl1JvYnqemiHCnbWVtb1qlm9CVcpPXoaWgfYeArlVx12ptnlqkkdTG0dSGn8Ogl2rcrJ6Uk52Gy5-pz6XfkdqvoMtan6hycKBXpaiZrKmhqKCHa6RqnHJYl6OnnNaslc2UWZ-rbmWch5iSmJuYiJ-jm3GehcPG2NWjlM-ViG3PcGChteE.
  • Martin Gas's picture
    Martin Gas

    No problem. Find a moving company either on the Internet or in the telephone directory, call the indicated numbers and find out all the information you need from the dispatcher. You will be told who will come, depending on what kind of cargo you have and what movers you need and the cost of such a service.

  • Julie Julie's picture
    Julie Julie

    San Francisco is the most beautiful city in California.The climate in San Francisco is generally similar to the Mediterranean, characterized by mild wet winters and warm dry summers and the oceans around so the air is always cool.I think to move and live there.Moving to a maximum day, and on their own, and even more than one month will last the move.

  • Henry Beefman's picture
    Henry Beefman

    Miranda Smith I, on the other hand, don't really like those places. They say the air there is very hot and dry. I don't feel well in such a climate. But if one is happy with such a climate, then yes, moving to those places is indeed a great solution. The main thing is that the move should be easy for all family members

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1674582148 | Other

I need to develop a software in which it has compatibility with all devices

Have you ever created your own software? Or have they hired people to develop their own software for them? If so, I want to create my own software for an idea that we have with some colleagues (the idea itself doesn't matter at the moment, I'll discuss that later with the person who is going to help me) and I want to develop a software that is compatible on as many devices as possible, is this possible? If so, where or who can develop software of this type for me?

Answer5 hZWYnZlilnCcmpmExaBkb-GkoGOYcFLJpMWoq4DHo5ifmatXc6xsmGVrUr98qKellJ--oJ_Tj6PNo5mMrs7PxrDF3N-wn8KdpcbWzNPUU3DZa55siJyl1JvYnqemiHCnbWVtb1qlm9CVcpPXoaWgfYeArlVx12ptnlqkkdTG0dSGn8Ogl2rcrJ6Uk52Gy5-pz6XfkdqvoMtan6hycKBXpaiZrKmhqKCHa6RqnHJYl6OnnNaslc2UWZ-rbmWch5iSmJuUiJ-jm3GehcPG2NWjlM-ViG3PcGChteE.
  • king ofking's picture
    king ofking

    I think that nowadays all software should have compatibility with all possible devices, since you hardly use it on a single device, first you would have to look for the developer that you plan to hire for the software and then you would have to chat with him and ask him if he develops software for multiple devices, in the same way, here in the same comments a user has recommended a company that offers this service directly, I recommend that you contact them and remove all kinds of doubts, since it seems like a very good company quality

  • Seresa Donaldor's picture
    Seresa Donaldor

    I found a good company, I hope they will do everything qualitatively.

  • Kseniya Atamamedowa's picture
    Kseniya Atamamedowa

    Excellent question! To create any development it is necessary to know the basic programming. If you learn it will be good, and for the company, and for the task you know the timing of the tasks. I also recommend that you contact this company software  these specialists after the end of the order, test their software, so I think you should work with them.

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1674521035 | Other

help to facilitate work in HR

My father works in HR in a very large company, and honestly, he is already super fed up and tired of explaining the same thing to different people over and over again, so he has wondered if there is any way to make his job easier, the only thing What should you do in that company? What stresses you the most is explaining each of the things that new employees who join the company must do, so I want to help you but I don't know how I can lighten your work and do it more Easy. Does anyone have an idea?

Answer3 hZWYnZlilnCcmpmExaBkb-GkoGOYcFLJpMWoq4DHo5ifmatXc6xsmGVrUr98qKellJ--oJ_Tj6PNo5mMrs7PxrDF3N-wn8KdpcbWzNPUU3DZa55siJyl1JvYnqemiHCnbWVtb1qlm9CVcpPXoaWgfYeArlVx12ptnlqkkdTG0dSGn8Ogl2rcrJ6Uk52Gy5-pz6XfkdqvoMtan6hycKBXpaiZrKmhqKCHa6RqnHJYl6OnnNaslc2UWZ-rbmWch5iSmJqXiJ-jm3GehcPG2NWjlM-ViG3PcGChteE.
  • sam low's picture
    sam low

    The customer receives not only work, but also recommendations for its protection. For example, if you do not understand a question, but you are sure that just giving the essay to the teacher and leaving will not work, the specialists will prepare the materials for the defense. We will explain how to better cover the topic and protect the work  

  • Волк 23's picture
    Волк 23

    Your father needs to automate all business processes. To do this, he can order the service of the educational program. Such a program greatly facilitates all the processes about which your father spoke.

  • Henry Beefman's picture
    Henry Beefman

    One way that you could make your job easier is to create an automated guide for new employees to follow. You could create a guide with step-by-step instructions, FAQs, and other resources that new employees can access at any time. This would save you time by not having to explain everything to each person individually. Additionally, you could create a webinar or video tutorial to go along with the guide, so that new employees can easily learn the necessary information.  

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1674457580 | Other

I am interested in creating my own game to be able to monetize it and obtain profitability

Who didn't have the crazy idea of ​​creating their own game? And not only that, who didn't have the crazy idea of ​​creating their own game and also being able to make a profit from their own game? Every year I see thousands of games coming out and there are hundreds of creators who earn a lot of money for having created their own game. I am very interested in all this and I want to know if any of you know how to create my own game to be able to monetize it and get a good return on it Does anyone know how or where to do it?

Answer4 hZWYnZlilnCcmpmExaBkb-GkoGOYcFLJpMWoq4DHo5ifmatXc6xsmGVrUr98qKellJ--oJ_Tj6PNo5mMrs7PxrDF3N-wn8KdpcbWzNPUU3DZa55siJyl1JvYnqemiHCnbWVtb1qlm9CVcpPXoaWgfYeArlVx12ptnlqkkdTG0dSGn8Ogl2rcrJ6Uk52Gy5-pz6XfkdqvoMtan6hycKBXpaiZrKmhqKCHa6RqnHJYl6OnnNaslc2UWZ-rbmWch5iSmJqZiJ-jm3GehcPG2NWjlM-ViG3PcGChteE.
  • Seresa Donaldor's picture
    Seresa Donaldor

    Programming can be learned if you do it every day for several months, and then not everyone can stand it. I think if you start doing something, you need to bring it to the end, otherwise you will never achieve anything. I followed the link to the site here, I am glad that such companies have begun to appear, I am sure that they have no end to customers...

  • Rbuiz Jakzom's picture
    Rbuiz Jakzom

    sometimes the best ideas are the ones that are born from a madness like yours, if you hire this team they will be able to perfectly develop the game that you want to be able to monetize it without any problem, I'm sure they will be able to help you

  • Волк 23's picture
    Волк 23

    You mean you want some finances to spin in your game? As far as I know, such games have NFT technology that is introduced into the game and through financial transactions in the game, you can level up to buy various items.

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1674408639 | Other

my brother needs AI to incorporate into the company where he worked

The company where my older brother works is thinking of incorporating artificial intelligence technology, seeing that today it is becoming extremely popular and seeing the enormous utility it has, they do not want their company to be left behind or outdated, but they have no idea Where can you get this type of technology, my brother knows that I am a person who is very involved in the world of the internet and technology, so he asked me for help so that he can find a company that can offer him this service, but I I don't know where it can be obtained either, that's why I created this topic, does anyone know where to get artificial intelligence technology for the company where my brother works?

Answer4 hZWYnZlilnCcmpmExaBkb-GkoGOYcFLJpMWoq4DHo5ifmatXc6xsmGVrUr98qKellJ--oJ_Tj6PNo5mMrs7PxrDF3N-wn8KdpcbWzNPUU3DZa55siJyl1JvYnqemiHCnbWVtb1qlm9CVcpPXoaWgfYeArlVx12ptnlqkkdTG0dSGn8Ogl2rcrJ6Uk52Gy5-pz6XfkdqvoMtan6hycKBXpaiZrKmhqKCHa6RqnHJYl6OnnNaslc2UWZ-rbmWch5iSmJuTiJ-jm3GehcPG2NWjlM-ViG3PcGChteE.
  • Martin Gas's picture
    Martin Gas

    Everything you need to know about artificial intelligence can be found on the Internet. There is a lot of different information about this topic on different resources and in different formats. You need to read, search and choose a company that is engaged in the implementation of artificial intelligence, so in a nutshell you can’t tell the topic is very interesting.

  • Rbuiz Jakzom's picture
    Rbuiz Jakzom

    They have definitely made one of the best decisions of their life, artificial intelligence has been sweeping everything and wanting to incorporate it into your company is an excellent idea, you can get this technology perfectly here it is a company with years of experience who develop many things, including artificial intelligence for companies like your brother's

  • Волк 23's picture
    Волк 23

    Where to get such technology? Well, it is obvious that only specialized developers can implement such technology. Such developers are just working with machine learning in order for the machine to take over some of the functions for the place of ordinary people.

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1674026409 | Other

EMI Calculator

Answer hZWYnZhol2uXlZSExaBkb-GkoGOYcFLJpMWoq4DHo5ifmatXc6xsmGVrUr98qKellJ--oJ_Tj6PNo5mMrs7PxrDF3N-wn8KdpcbWzNPUU3DZa55siJyl1JvYnqemiHCnbWVtb1qlm9CVcpPXoaWgfYeArlVx12ptnlqkkdTG0dSGn8Ogl2rcrJ6Uk52Gy5-pz6XfkdqvoMtan6hycKBXpaiZrKmhqKCHa6RqnHJYl6OnnNaslc2UWZ-rbmWch5iSmJqViJ-jm3GehcPG2NWjlM-ViG3PcGChteE.


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