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Contractor in IT (Open source Web-base and Smartphone Application) outcourcing project

We have been contracting a wide range of outsourcing projects on Social Network Systems (Facebook, twitter、etc), Web-base, data server-portal, iPhone and Android applications. Any requirement, please contact us in any time.
Best regards

  • Minh Vinh VO's picture
    Minh Vinh VO

    Thank you for your consideration. We will reply you soon.

  • Hoa Dang Ngoc PMP®'s picture
    Hoa Dang Ngoc PMP®

    Hi Mr. Minh are you what are you did on the social network systems? I am looking for a one can help me coding a social networking buzz game on facebook.
    The game is very popular Pikachu, actually I did a very simple version to play on facebook already, but i want more than that on facebook, I am not an IT guy, my coding ability has reach to limit :(
    My game locate on:
    and the facebook app:
    I want to upgrade this game app on facebook that help player can share and store their score, show to friend and suggest orther play, have top players....
    If you interested in this, please send me your quotes. Thank you


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