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Who’s Your Boss?

I once had a management intern from a local university working with me for a semester in one of my hospitals. He was a chatterbox and I enjoyed conversations with him. He said to me during a teachable moment, “It must be great to be the CEO, the boss, and to have no one in-charge of you.” I shook my head softly and smiled at him, “I have twenty-two bosses. I report to a Board of Directors.” I went on to explain that while a CEO takes his or her orders from “The Board” and the Board speaks with only one voice, every one of those twenty-two people had a personal opinion of what I ought to be doing and how I ought to be doing it. Most found a way to make their personal opinions known to me.

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Commitment and the Leader

I asked him what he meant when he said they had no commitment, though I had a suspicion. He responded that they did not seem to care whether the company succeeded or failed. He observed that people were not putting in the time or effort that the business demanded. They were not “committed to it becoming successful. “What is in it for them? What is their return on investment?” I asked. He seemed stunned as if the answer was obvious. “Well, they are getting a paycheck and we’ve been great about paying people regardless of what stress this new company was experiencing at any point. I do not get it; I am spending twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week here to make a go of this business. There just isn’t enough time in the day. The staff are leaving as soon as the clock strikes 6:00 pm.

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Everything Matters and Everything Speaks

We see ourselves in our “mind’s eye”. Maybe we see what we aspire to be rather than what we truly are. Maybe in truth, that “mind’s eye” is closed and we do not see ourselves at all. Unfortunately, what we see and what others see can be two very different things. The difference can be profound and can influence greatly how effectively we interact with the world around us. Too great a disconnect between who and what we think we are and what others see in us, in our behaviors, can impact create real relationship issues. This is especially true if you are leading people.

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“Nothing Matters Until It Matters” <>

“Nothing matters until it matters.” The first time I heard this expression I was sitting in front of a US Federal Court judge and he was scolding me. It was twenty years ago. I was sitting before him as the CEO of a health care system that was in violation of Medicare and Medicaid regulations. I had just finished explaining to him that every rural health care facility in the US state in which my company operated was currently violating the regulations and had been doing so for years. No one operating a rural hospital in the state thought compliance with the particular regulations, in our unique case, mattered. I asked why if it mattered all of the hospitals in the state, and my hospital in particular, were allowed to “get away with it” for so many years. He said, “Because no one made a point of it.”

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I coach on hospital leadership with Dr. Ed hansen <>

“I develop great hospital administrators. My legacy will be the number of CEOs that I have coached along the way.” This was said to me more than twenty-five years ago by my first real mentor in the hospital business.

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Marketing Assistant in Ha Noi

Fresh Studio- The Finest People, the most refreshing workplace!

Fresh Studio is an international professional services firm engaged in consulting, research and development (R&D) within the fresh produce industry. We offer the expertise and creativity needed to add value to the products and processes of companies operating in the entire value chain for fresh produce. Our offices in Vietnam are in Hanoi, Dalat, HCMC, and Can Tho. Our multi-disciplinary team consists of highly talented professionals with diverse cultural backgrounds. We believe that diversity is an essential ingredient for exceptional and creative solutions. Together with our clients and partners we work on a wide range of strategies in the areas of pre-harvest, post-harvest and marketing.

We are in need of a Marketing &Business Development Assistant, who will be in charge of:

1. Implementing promotional activities effectively to meet the quality requirements of each activity.
2. Managing and preparing materials and/or documents for each promotional activity (sample for sampling, POSM for display, invitation letters…)
3. Contacting and dealing with related parties (fruit shops, supermarkets, and office buildings...) for the acceptance, sales data.
4. Managing and supervising PG team with tasks as:
+ Allocating PGs to each outlet based on the promotion plan
+ Checking PG attendance upon outlet visit
+ Monitoring PGs during promotion days to ensure that PGs will fulfill their assigned tasks
5. Participating in some other projects as assigned by the Marketing Manager or Marketing Director

Our challenging work environment offers many opportunities for personal development and career growth. The ideal candidate should possess the following qualifications:

1. Bachelor’s degree in Marketing or Commerce
2. Minimum of 2 years’ experience in trade marketing or marketing execution in the FMCG or food industry
3. Good communication and presentation skills
4. Good command of spoken & written English
5. Outgoing personality, patient and results oriented
6. Able and willing to work at irregular hours i.e. weekends, evenings

We offer competitive salaries.. Dedicated and talented staff will be offered a long term contract with Fresh Studio and training to further develop his or her skills.
If you think you can add value to our team, you can send your application letter and resume through e-mail before April 30th, 2014 to Ms. Pham Thuy Phuong:

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Giả bài toán Con gà - Quả trứng

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