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The Ultimate Project Constraint: Management Attention

Management attention is the ultimate project constraint. If you’re unfamiliar with the Theory of Constraints, a critical resource is any resource that is essential to complete a goal and that we always feel we don’t have enough of.

Management attention is the biggest constraint in your projects because the system you operate won’t produce results on its own merit. The more conflicts (between objectives, people, etc.), complexity, and uncertainty in your system, the more of the resource you will need.

So if management attention is the ultimate constraint, how can we exploit it? In other words, how can we management our management attention, so that projects will maximize stakeholder value.

The key is to realize that everything within your project is connected. No issue exists in isolation. However, the common way to manage a project is to dissect it and maximize the performance of subsystems.

This wastes and distorts management attention. Instead, take on as much of holistic view as you can and understand interconnections. Tackle can also help you keep the larger picture in mind, because it permits you to consider task precedence and interdependency. In doing so, it can help you answer question like:

  • When will the entire project be completed?
  • Which activities can be delayed without delaying the whole project?
  • Which activities or tasks cannot run late without delaying the whole project’s completion?
  • On any given date, is the money spent equal to, less than, or greater than the budgeted amount?
  • At any particular date, is the project on schedule, behind schedule, or ahead of schedule?

By understanding the project as a holistic interconnected system, new understanding can be achieved and a big picture view of the project can help you better understand its dynamics.


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Looking for a Legal Counsel in Hanoi. Consumer products company. Salary: around $1300.

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1379649183 | Other

Urgent: Looking for a Sales sub leader in logistics and automotive parts trading field, working in Hanoi, salary 400-1000$

More than 4 years sales experience of logistics or manufacturing industry is preferable


Experience of building a team which is more than 5 members is preferable

Skill required: Business level English, Management skill, Sales skill

Making customer visit plan, Find new customers, Negotiate with existing  customers/vendors

you any concerns about our job, please send your CV to via email:

Thank you ! 

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NGUYỄN CHÍ THÀNH's pictureAnphabe Most Active Contributor

Dupliu - We build trust for you!

ậChào các bạn! Cách đây thời gian mình có thông tin về tổ chức hội những anh em sales để cùng nhau chia sẻ kinh nghiệm, tạo cơ hội trong việc kết nối khách hàng.

Vì có nhiều lý do mình phải đi công tác và bận rộn với công việc nên nay mới chính thức tổ chức. Để thành công ngay từ ban đầu, mình tạm thời mời các anh chị là nhân viên marketing, kinh doanh, bán hàng ( Không cần là Manager hay Director) liên hệ với mình để biết thêm thông tin nhé. Ưu tiên phân khúc sau:

1. Các bạn làm sales cho ngành phân phối độc quyền của nước ngoài, sản xuất (tại Việt Nam).

2. Sản phẩm/ Dịch vụ kinh doanh bao gồm:

- Phần mềm

- Phần cứng

- Thiết bị Viễn thông

- Thiết bị Truyền hình

- Thiết bị Điện tử

- Các dịch vụ như Hosting, Web, SEO, Tư vấn thiết kế, Thi công ICT, ..

Rất mong nhận được sự quan tâm của các anh chị và các bạn

Thân mến,

Nguyễn Chí Thành



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Urgently looking for a Sales Outbound (Europe and America market). Location: HCMC. Salary: $800 - $1000 Gross + Incentive

1. Sales and operations experience in Europe and America market
2. Fluent English
3. Working time: 9:00 -18:00 from Mon to Fri (including 1 hour for lunch), and 9:00-13:00 on Sat.

Application please send to

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Urgently looking for a Technical Executive. Location: Binh Duong. Salary: around $800 + allowances

*** Job description

- Support production engineering/ development with Japanese engineer

- Support failure analysis/ reporting to customer (products and material)

- Improve product’s process efficiency/ yield

- Support product evaluation and reporting (electrical/ mechanical/ reliability)

- Over-sea’s business trip (customer site or
supplier site).

- Others related to technical issues assigned by Senior Director.

*** Requirements:

Education Degree:University; major in Mechanicalor
Electrical Engineering

Language skills:  English or Japanese

Technical skills:  Prefer more than 3 years experience in
the industry.

Computer skill:  Mandatory = MS Office (Excel, PPT, Word, Outlook…).

Prefer = C language program, MINITAB or
similar statistics SW.

Other requirements:  Fundamental knowledge for
quality engineering, Passport

*** Application please send to

Visit our website at for more opportunities!

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Finding a job

 I'm an HVAC engineer (Heat And Refrigeration) It's so hard to find a job right now. There is not so much suitable job in my major. I just want to find anyjob to work not only in my major. Morever, I studied engineering so it's so difficult to find a job that i just stay at the office. What shoud I do?

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  • Linh Tiet's picture
    Linh Tiet

    Hi Huy,
    Please kindly send a scanned copy of the full CV/ job application/ your personal information such as ID etc. / relevant certs in copy as well to my following add :-

    Thanks you,

  • Linh Tiet's picture
    Linh Tiet

     Hi Huy,

    Are you interested in sales engineer or you would just like to find an office job? If the answer is former, then can I have your full set of CV/ application letter/ Certificates etc. for further understanding.

    Thanks & Regards,


  • Thuy Duong Nguyen's picture
    Thuy Duong Nguyen

     Dear Mr. Huy. Please send your updated CV at

    We have a lot of jobs about engineer. Thanks and best regards/ Thuy Duong


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