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What Makes and Breaks Branding Management and Strategy?

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How i can watch a new job?


Cần cổ đông góp vốn đầu tư Dự án sản xuất gia công (hớt váng)

Mình có một dự án sản xuất sau khi đã đầu tư xây dựng hạ tầng cơ bản và test thử mô hình theo thực tế thấy rất ổn, kết quả đúng mục tiêu lợi nhuận 36.7%/ năm. Hiện nay mình và bạn chung vốn cần vốn mở rộng sản xuất (khoảng 3-5 tỷ), do vay NH hiện nay gặp nhiều khó khăn, vậy ai có nhu cầu tìm hiểu dự án, cùng góp vốn để làm ăn xin liên hệ qua Dũng: email ĐT: 0936333838.

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How to start a business?

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    Lan Nguyen

    Hi, do you have any ideas to make business, can you share with me? I am seeking a chance to start a bussiness.

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    Long Lee

    Thanks Mr Giang Thinh.
    Experiences and schedule, can you show me more? How to get them?

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    Giang Trinh

    Firstly Completed yourself, get more experiences and make your schedule

Hi I want ot supplu Industrial and Decorative Paints, Electrodes, and Industrial water treatment chemicals. Could you help?

Question Detail

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    Thuat Mai Tran

    Hi Krishna
    Yes of course we are here in the North of Vietnam have a huge space of warehousing ( around 20,000sqm in the North and 100,000 sqm in the South ) also setup very reasonable Distribution system in all provinces in the North and the South of Vietnam .
    We use to distribute for many famous branches in the world I ensure that your products will be develop so fast in Vietnam .
    If you need any more help , please feel free to contact me via ; 844 913599559 or .

    Thanks and regards,
    Thuat .


    Why not drop me an email for your right answer? or call me at any time: +84916169056, Thanh will answer.

  • Thuat Mai Tran's picture
    Thuat Mai Tran

    Let know know your deatil requirement , you want to distribute that in VN or sell. I am work in field of Supply Chain and Distribution , can I help you to develop your products in to VN ????
    contact with me via :

NGUYỄN CHÍ THÀNH's pictureAnphabe Most Active Contributor

If you need to save for international calls!

Otobes are customer care partner of South Telecom, the VoIP service provider. We will install the IP Phone system for the accounts in your compnay for free when you subscribe Worldphone VoIP service. It will save much money for international call with high quality voice !

Don't hesitate to call me: 0916169056 or (08) 37 16 16 16 for 24/7 support

Thank you!
Nguyen Chi Thanh ( Ot Wilsus Nguyen)

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partnership & investor needed !!!

Hi everyone, My family & I are currently looking for partnership & investor to associate with import, export, & manufacturing goods between U.S. & Vietnam. If you or know anyone interested, please let me know, thanks!!!!

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