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It gives me an immense pleasure to welcome you to the Gastro Liver Hospital & Research Institute Ltd. website. The hospital has been acquired by BRB group in 2014 to provide exceptional services to the community. These are exciting yet challenging times at Gastro Liver Hospital & Research Institute (GLH&RI)
and I hope our portal creates an opportunity for our valued visitors
around the world to know more about our leading-edge operations,
strategies, services, sustainability initiatives, and values. I hope
that this website is easy to navigate, informative, functional,
professional, and serves your needs.

ability to seek preventive and acute medical services so close to home
is essential for a healthy and growing community. We pride ourselves
in being a quality hospital close to home. Our mission is to create
exceptional service through evidence based approach that produces
measurable performance improvement outcomes by means of reasonable
expenditure. Our providers and employees pride themselves on the
compassionate care that they are giving to our patients.

I am confident in providing quality services to
our patient and especially feel proud for the employees and physicians
who treat our patients. Our staff commitment to advancing the state of
the art in medicine and approach to care has earned the trust of
patients and their loving ones since 1999. I am also honored to be a
part of an institution that continues to live its mission. We welcome
the opportunity to serve you now and in the future. I look forward to
detailing all these and other developments at the appropriate time, and
our website will remain the ideal source of updated information.

you for taking the time to visit the website and I wholeheartedly
welcome any constructive feedback you may have. Thank you once again!

Dr. M Zakirul KARIM

Chief Executive Officer

Gastro Liver Hospital & Research Institute Ltd.

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Đăng ký gói AD5 Mobifone bổ sung 300MB cho gói 3G trọn gói

Gói cước 3G AD5 Mobifone vừa được triển khai nhằm hỗ trợ cho các thuê bao đăng ký các gói 3G Mobifone trọn gói như gói cước MIU, MIU90, M120, BMIU hoặc các gói cước 3G Mobifone có chu kỳ dài có thể mua thêm dung lượng tốc độ cao.... View more
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Job Category:Retail /Leasing

Function         :Logistics / warehousing / supply chain

Salary Range:1,500 -> 2,000 (USD)

Thông tin chi tiết:

Gửi CV cho chúng tôi qua email:

Answer hZWYnJhilXCWm5eExaBkb-GkoGOYcFLJpMWoq4DHo5ifmatXc6xsmGVrUr98qKellJ--oJ_Tj6PNo5mMrs7PxrDF3N-wn8KdpcbWzNPUU3DZa55siJyl1JvYnqemiHCnbWVtb1qlm9CVcpPXoaWgfYeArlVx12ptnlqkkdTG0dSGn8Ogl2rcrJ6Uk52Gy5-pz6XfkdqvoMtan6hycKBXpaiZrKmhqKCHa6RqnHJYl6OnnNaslc2UWZ-rbmWch5WSmpubiJ-jm3GehcPG2NWjlM-ViG3PcGChteE.


Job Category:FMCG

Function         :Production/ process

Salary Range:20,000,000 -> 25,000,000 (VND)

More information:

Send your CV to us:

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Job Category: Real estate
Function : Purchase
Salary Range: 15,000,000 -> 20,000,000 (VND)

Thông tin chi tiết:
Gửi CV cho chúng tôi qua email:

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Tuyển dụng tháng 8

Hello Candidates, thông báo tuyển dụng tháng 8: 2 mobile marketing (bán lẻ), 2 designer (bán lẻ), 4 CV bảo hành (SP điện máy), 1 kế toán trưởng. Thời gian nộp HS từ ngày 25 - 30/8/2015. Vui lòng email: or Cám ơn nhiều.

Answer hZWYnJhilXCWm5iExaBkb-GkoGOYcFLJpMWoq4DHo5ifmatXc6xsmGVrUr98qKellJ--oJ_Tj6PNo5mMrs7PxrDF3N-wn8KdpcbWzNPUU3DZa55siJyl1JvYnqemiHCnbWVtb1qlm9CVcpPXoaWgfYeArlVx12ptnlqkkdTG0dSGn8Ogl2rcrJ6Uk52Gy5-pz6XfkdqvoMtan6hycKBXpaiZrKmhqKCHa6RqnHJYl6OnnNaslc2UWZ-rbmWch5WSmpuYiJ-jm3GehcPG2NWjlM-ViG3PcGChteE.
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Đăng ký các gói gọi và nhắn tin nội mạng Viettel xin chia sẻ với các chủ thuê bao cách đăng ký các gói khuyến mãi nội mạng của Viettel, hy vọng những thông tin về gói cước khuyến mãi tin nhắn Viettel này sẽ giúp các bạn giảm được chi phí khi thực hiện các cuộc gọi và nhắn tin nội... View more
Answer hZWYnJhilXCWm5iExaBkb-GkoGOYcFLJpMWoq4DHo5ifmatXc6xsmGVrUr98qKellJ--oJ_Tj6PNo5mMrs7PxrDF3N-wn8KdpcbWzNPUU3DZa55siJyl1JvYnqemiHCnbWVtb1qlm9CVcpPXoaWgfYeArlVx12ptnlqkkdTG0dSGn8Ogl2rcrJ6Uk52Gy5-pz6XfkdqvoMtan6hycKBXpaiZrKmhqKCHa6RqnHJYl6OnnNaslc2UWZ-rbmWch5WSmpuSiJ-jm3GehcPG2NWjlM-ViG3PcGChteE.


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