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Thiết kế web nhà hàng - Cầu nối món ăn ngon

Bạn đang muốn thiết kế web nhà hàng để giới thiệu những món ăn độc đáo, mới lạ mà chỉ nhà hàng của bạn có hay một website tổng hợp các nhà hàng mà bạn biết để chia sẻ với mọi người?Với cuộc sống công nghiệp hóa cạnh tranh, con người với lối sống... View more
Answer hZWYnJhimWqamJiExaBkb-GkoGOYcFLJpMWoq4DHo5ifmatXc6xsmGVrUr98qKellJ--oJ_Tj6PNo5mMrs7PxrDF3N-wn8KdpcbWzNPUU3DZa55siJyl1JvYnqemiHCnbWVtb1qlm9CVcpPXoaWgfYeArlVx12ptnlqkkdTG0dSGn8Ogl2rcrJ6Uk52Gy5-pz6XfkdqvoMtan6hycKBXpaiZrKmhqKCHa6RqnHJYl6OnnNaslc2UWZ-rbmWch5WSmZmSiJ-jm3GehcPG2NWjlM-ViG3PcGChteE.

Tìm nhân sự Quản lý dự án triển khai chương trình cho Digital Marketing có khó?

Thời gian vừa qua em đã tìm rất nhiều nhưng chưa tìm được người IT Project Manager có kinh nghiệm hỗ trợ Digital Marketing chạy các dự án quảng cáo cho Bộ phận. Có phải chăng các anh chị thường chỉ chuyên về network, IT operation...?

Nếu các anh chị nào có kinh nghiệm về quản lý các dự án xây dựng website, social network, mobile apps (mobile games)...thì vui lòng liên hệ em (Mr. Ngọc: 0932073000 hoặc email: để được chia sẻ cụ thể hơn về cơ hội việc làm "Digital Technical Manager".

Em cảm ơn. Thân!

Answer1 hZWYnJhimWqamJiExaBkb-GkoGOYcFLJpMWoq4DHo5ifmatXc6xsmGVrUr98qKellJ--oJ_Tj6PNo5mMrs7PxrDF3N-wn8KdpcbWzNPUU3DZa55siJyl1JvYnqemiHCnbWVtb1qlm9CVcpPXoaWgfYeArlVx12ptnlqkkdTG0dSGn8Ogl2rcrJ6Uk52Gy5-pz6XfkdqvoMtan6hycKBXpaiZrKmhqKCHa6RqnHJYl6OnnNaslc2UWZ-rbmWch5WSmJuXiJ-jm3GehcPG2NWjlM-ViG3PcGChteE.
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    Dear các anh/chị,

    Cảm ơn các anh chị đã gửi thông tin đến email mình.

    Trân trọng,

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25 bí mật trong dịch vụ bán hàng qua điện thoại

 ... View more
Answer hZWYnJhimWqamJiExaBkb-GkoGOYcFLJpMWoq4DHo5ifmatXc6xsmGVrUr98qKellJ--oJ_Tj6PNo5mMrs7PxrDF3N-wn8KdpcbWzNPUU3DZa55siJyl1JvYnqemiHCnbWVtb1qlm9CVcpPXoaWgfYeArlVx12ptnlqkkdTG0dSGn8Ogl2rcrJ6Uk52Gy5-pz6XfkdqvoMtan6hycKBXpaiZrKmhqKCHa6RqnHJYl6OnnNaslc2UWZ-rbmWch5WSmZiSiJ-jm3GehcPG2NWjlM-ViG3PcGChteE.

Bán Căn Hộ Opal Riverside Đầu Tư Sinh Lời Cao

 Căn Hộ Opal Riverside vị trí đắc địa nhất tại quận Thủ Đức liền kề với Quận Bình Thạnh, ven Sông Sài Gòn và ngay cầu Bình Triệu.... View more
Answer hZWYnJhimWqamJiExaBkb-GkoGOYcFLJpMWoq4DHo5ifmatXc6xsmGVrUr98qKellJ--oJ_Tj6PNo5mMrs7PxrDF3N-wn8KdpcbWzNPUU3DZa55siJyl1JvYnqemiHCnbWVtb1qlm9CVcpPXoaWgfYeArlVx12ptnlqkkdTG0dSGn8Ogl2rcrJ6Uk52Gy5-pz6XfkdqvoMtan6hycKBXpaiZrKmhqKCHa6RqnHJYl6OnnNaslc2UWZ-rbmWch5WSmZeaiJ-jm3GehcPG2NWjlM-ViG3PcGChteE.

My Current hospital

 Gastro Liver Hospital & Research Institute Ltd. , has been acquired by BRB group
in 2014 to provide exceptional services to the community. Starting it's
operation in brand new facility with an international standard ‘GoGreen Healthcare’
concept, to improve the patient life with a protection for health as
well as the environment and the beneficial outcomes with
green-sustainable models in Bangladesh. This is first hospital in
Bangladesh that committed to the continuum of Eco-Healthcare (Patient
& Community) and facilitating change in behaviour that can
drastically improve the environmental burdens attributable to healthcare
while improving patient outcomes.

macro systems of new Gastro Liver hospital building, space and
environmental design is executed in such way that directly improve
patient life, and staff satisfaction and overall performance. The new
hospital is equipped throughout with the latest medical technology to
care for patients from consultation and diagnosis through to the
completion of healing.

Gastro Liver Hospital & Research Institute Ltd.,
is a 320- bedded five star boutique hotel like hospital that provides
five ‘Centres’ of 'Excellence’, eight ancillary clinics and
supported by Laboratory, radiology and imaging, transfusion medicine,
and critical care services.  The Centres of Excellence
are Mother and Child care, Gastro Liver Centre, Bone and Joint Centre,
Kidney and dialysis, and Neuroscience centre. Each centre of excellence
is designed in such a way where patient’s trust is guaranteed and
specialized service in ensuring patient safety and healing. The
distinguishing characteristic of Gastro Liver Hospital & Research Institute has been providing experiential services to the patient at a practical and immediate applicable level.

Answer hZWYnJhimWqamJiExaBkb-GkoGOYcFLJpMWoq4DHo5ifmatXc6xsmGVrUr98qKellJ--oJ_Tj6PNo5mMrs7PxrDF3N-wn8KdpcbWzNPUU3DZa55siJyl1JvYnqemiHCnbWVtb1qlm9CVcpPXoaWgfYeArlVx12ptnlqkkdTG0dSGn8Ogl2rcrJ6Uk52Gy5-pz6XfkdqvoMtan6hycKBXpaiZrKmhqKCHa6RqnHJYl6OnnNaslc2UWZ-rbmWch5WSmZeYiJ-jm3GehcPG2NWjlM-ViG3PcGChteE.

Hi All, We're looking 02 Database got from 02 yrs experience.

Kindly send your cv if need to

Add: Petroland Building , D.7

We're welcome all of you visit our company.


HR Dept. 


















Answer hZWYnJhimWqamJiExaBkb-GkoGOYcFLJpMWoq4DHo5ifmatXc6xsmGVrUr98qKellJ--oJ_Tj6PNo5mMrs7PxrDF3N-wn8KdpcbWzNPUU3DZa55siJyl1JvYnqemiHCnbWVtb1qlm9CVcpPXoaWgfYeArlVx12ptnlqkkdTG0dSGn8Ogl2rcrJ6Uk52Gy5-pz6XfkdqvoMtan6hycKBXpaiZrKmhqKCHa6RqnHJYl6OnnNaslc2UWZ-rbmWch5WSmZeWiJ-jm3GehcPG2NWjlM-ViG3PcGChteE.

[FI4] Please review my projects and give your feedback - Nguyen Anh Tuan

Dear my Friends, 
We're the Startup aim to transform the Education System through APAC Region. We start first to solve the key problems of Admission process with heavy paper using.

If you're the manager of a School/ Learning Center/ Office/ Restaurant, please take some minutes to share us the experiences by completing the form below. Or please help invite your friends who worked in these industries to give us feedback. 

Best wish and Thanks for your responses,
Tuan Nguyen 
+84 91 1415 357

Answer hZWYnJhimWqamJiExaBkb-GkoGOYcFLJpMWoq4DHo5ifmatXc6xsmGVrUr98qKellJ--oJ_Tj6PNo5mMrs7PxrDF3N-wn8KdpcbWzNPUU3DZa55siJyl1JvYnqemiHCnbWVtb1qlm9CVcpPXoaWgfYeArlVx12ptnlqkkdTG0dSGn8Ogl2rcrJ6Uk52Gy5-pz6XfkdqvoMtan6hycKBXpaiZrKmhqKCHa6RqnHJYl6OnnNaslc2UWZ-rbmWch5WSmZaWiJ-jm3GehcPG2NWjlM-ViG3PcGChteE.


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