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How to get a job in Germany for an Engineer Telecommunication ?

Hello, i study in Hanoi University of Technology. I want to move to Germany to work and learn some thing about MBA or something. so, please advice me how to get a job in Germany and should be learn anything .
My email:

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Appropriate jobs for Bachelor of Applied Finance

Hi everyone! I am studying BA of Applied Finance in Australia. I will finish my study next year 9/2012 and intend to go back VN. I just wonder that which areas are suitable with my degree and how much I can get at the beginning. Just let you know I have 6 years experienced working in logistics in Viet Nam (Sai Gon port 2002-2008). Thanks!

  • Pascal Ho Ba Dam's picture
    Pascal Ho Ba Dam

    Don't worry about finding a job in vietnam at a higher than above vietnamse salaries, so many companies need talents or at least applied skills.
    Don't worry about what a company can pay or hire you with a MBA, waht a company contribute to you.
    you should ask yourself what you can contribute to which company with all of your skills and all your efforts and heart?
    Then go see them and explain. The beginning salary does not matter it should cover your costs, not make you rich. This is what people call the price for the lesson, you will be learning a lot from that 1st job, which you can monetize later with the same boss or move to another with your additional skill.
    Too many vietnamese look at the 2000$+ offered in Australia to the 700$ in Vietnam and decide to stay in australia gain more experience there... Think what is best for long term future!

  • Hien Anh Nguyen's picture
    Hien Anh Nguyen

    i would suggest you contact several big head hunter (Talent Net, Navigos, HRvietnam, Bole...) for their advice (both on job area and salary). You can also send your CV to some target company (if you know), big company usually have standard salary for manager level , for instant, so you don't need to fear that they will "cheat" you:)

Tìm cộng tác viên E-commerce

Chào các bạn,

Mình đang xây dựng một dich vụ tích hợp các chức năng tốt nhất được tổng hợp và phát trển tương tự từ các dịch vụ sau:

Dự án đã start được một thơi gian, đang ở giai đoan phân tích thị trường, lên danh sách cức năng và sắp phát triển core framework.

Dự đinh sẽ grand open vào X-mas năm nay.

Target vào chị em phụ nữ, đăc biệt là gourmet và beauty :)

Phase 1 sẽ triển khai ở HCMC và sau đó là toàn quốc.

Rất mong các bạn ở HCMC ủng hộ và tham gia (full time, parttime, đặc biệt là phần phân tích thị trường, PR, truyền thông)

Mình ở HN và quản lý agile team remotely.

Bạn nào (đặc biệt ở HCMC) có hứng thú thì liên hệ nhé.

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1316142462 | Other

Hello, I would like to ask you somes questions about the job. Please contact with me: 01274616119. Thanks in advance


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Copper supplier in vietnam

Hi xinchao i looking for copper supplier, as i got buyer who wish to buy copper.
please contact me if you know

  • Phong Nguyen's picture
    Phong Nguyen

    Hello, it will be better if you advise what kind of cooper you want, such as copper wire or copper plate...
    If you want to buy copper wire: CFT is your best choice

Coal supplies in Indonesia, looking for potential buyers from vietnam please contact me if you need coal or can refer person to



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