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AEON Vietnam is looking for Floor Manager (Food Line, Hard Line, Soft Line). Work location: Long Bien, Hanoi. Salary: negotiable

Job Description

manage operation line smoothly with minimum problem, apply efficient
manpower management and ensure staff serving customers and increase
customer service of staff time to time


- Staff Management (manpower schedule)

- Sales Area Management

- Merchandise management

- Loss prevention management

- Backroom Management

- Facility, Hygiene and Cleanliness management
Job Requirement
University degree or equivalent qualifications in Business, Economic

- Certificate in English language

- Minimum 3 years work experience in the same function


- Computer literate (Microsoft office)

- Training and presentation technique

- Leadership skills

- Customer-focus skills


- Competitive salary package

- Long-term job stability


Application please send to Shorted list candidates will be contacted soon for further discussion.

Visit our website at for more opportunities.

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AEON Vietnam is recruiting a MKT Officer (in charge of AEON's mailer) . Location: Tan Phu Dist.

*** Job Description

1. MAILER (70%):

Be 1 of 2 main persons in charge of AEON's monthly mailer:

- Work with Merchandising department to collect items,

- Coordinate with agency to take photos for mailer

- Ensure information in mailer is exact and on time

2. OTHERS (30%):

- Support Advertising & Promotion or Communication activities

- Other assigned tasks


*** Requirements:

  • University graduation, but advancement will probably require additional, marketing,
  • Who worked for trading and service fields. Working experience in
    foreign entities and retailers which are similar to AEON’s business
    nature is an advantage.
  • Who owns background and <1 year experience in Marketing.
  • Fluent English communication.
  • Detailed and careful.
  • Good communication, inter-personal and team-work skills.

*** Others:

  • Candidates please send application (CV in English with recent photo and cover letter ) via email:
  • We'll contact shorted-list candidates only
  • Please do not contact by phone
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AEON Vietnam is recruiting an Accounting Deputy Manager. Location: Tan Phu Dist. Salary: negotiable

*** Job Purpose:

The Deputy Accounting Manager is responsible for applying accounting
principles and procedures to analyze financial information, prepare
accurate and timely financial reports and statements and ensure
appropriate accounting control procedures.

*** Key Responsibilities:

- Develop, implement and update process, policies and procedures for
the good operation of supermarket including set up internal control

- Assist Accounting Manger to design procedure of cash collection for Aeon

- Design & develop function of store accountant

- Maintain general records of accounts according to establish accounting
classifications, including various ledgers, registers and journals

- Establish and implement accounting policies in compliance with the corporate policies as well as statutory requirements

- Handle all financial matters of the Company including sales transaction, merchandising purchase

- Appraise, analyze and interpret operating results of business units

*** Requirements:


  • University graduated, major in Finance/Accounting (National Economics University, Academy of financial prefer)


  • Minimum 5 years experience as General Accountant in foreign companies
  • Knowledge of Vietnamese financial law including tax legislation
  • Understanding of investment law (preferred)


  • Fluent English skills (both written and verbal)
  • Familiar with using SAP
  • Computer literate (Microsoft Office)
  • Work well under high pressure and strict deadlines
  • Strong presentation, communication, inter-personal and reporting skills
  • Strong negotiation and problem solving skills
  • Good analytical thinking

*** Others:

  • Candidates please send the CV in English via email
  • We only contact with suitable candidates
  • Please do not contact by phone
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Lang thang tìm Job mới.

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